Iron supplements enhances women`s exercise performance

A new study has shown that women who take iron supplements, experience a marked improvement in their exercise performance.

Iron supplements leave 10 more Odisha students ill

Ten more students in Odisha fell ill Wednesday after consuming iron supplements, a day after 113 students of another school were hospitalised for consuming the iron pills.

Iron supplements do not boost malaria risk: Study

Global health experts have warned against giving iron supplements in areas where malaria is rampant, but a study Tuesday found no rise in cases of the mosquito-borne disease among children who took iron.

Six kids hospitalised after taking iron supplements in Delhi

Six school children were on Thursday hospitalised after taking iron supplements under Chacha Nehru Sehat Yojna (CNSY) in Bharat Nagar area in Delhi.

Daily dose of iron during pregnancy helps improve baby`s weight

Taking iron daily during pregnancy is associated with a significant increase in birth weight and a reduction in risk of low birth weight, a new study has revealed.