Four UN troops killed in Mali explosion, says military

Four United Nations peacekeepers were killed on Tuesday when their truck was blown up in Mali, security sources told AFP, casting a shadow over the restart of peace talks between the west African state and rebel militias.

Kerry says US support to Iraq will be "intense and sustained"

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that US support for Iraqi security forces will be "intense and sustained" to help them combat an Islamist insurgency that has swept through the country`s north and west.

Boko Haram exploits Nigeria`s slow military decline

Two decades ago Nigeria`s military was seen as a force for stability across West Africa. Now it struggles to keep security within its own borders as an Islamist insurgency in the northeast kills thousands.

West African leaders gathering for Mali summit

In an attempt to control deepening crisis in Mali, African leaders are to meet in Ivory Coast to plan proper military action.