Obama says Senkaku Islands fall under US-Japan treaty, China objects

In what is not expected to go down well with China, US President Barack Obama on Thursday repeated that the disputed Senkaku Islands fell under the Japanese administration.

US opposes coercive China action in island dispute

The United States says it`s committed to defending Japan and opposes any coercive action by China to seize territory under Japanese control in the East China Sea.

Outrage over Chinese restaurant`s ban on Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, dogs

The Beijing Snacks restaurant posted a notice saying that Japanese, Filipino and Vietnamese patrons are not welcome, and neither are dogs.

Island dispute: Japan protests Chinese naval ship`s action

The China-Japan tensions over the contested islands in the East China Sea re-surfaced after a brief lull.

China holds drills in East China Sea amid island dispute

China is holding Naval exercises in the East China Sea in a robust show of its military force, intended to warn rivals against territorial disputes.

Japan may ‘acknowledge’ China’s claim to Senkaku islands

Japan is considering to acknowledging that Beijing is claiming autonomy over the Senkaku Islands.

China sets up firms on island in disputed South China sea

Two companies have been established in Sansha, China`s newest city on an island in the disputed South China Sea.

Island row: ‘US sides with China`s opponents’

The US directly or indirectly sides with China`s opponents in disputes, said a state-run Chinese daily Wednesday.

`US military focus on Pacific not aimed at containing China`

Panetta`s meeting with Xi, which was scheduled for 45 minutes, went beyond the allotted time.

China warns Japan on economic fallout of island row

China warned Japan that its decision to purchase islands in East China Sea would damage the bilateral trade.

Japan PM asks Russia for talks on island dispute

In September, Japan accused Russia of exerting pressure by flying bombers around the country.

US backs Japan in island dispute with Russia

The US has urged Japan and Russia to resolve a dispute over four islands.