Palestinians planning `bloodshed`: Israeli FM

The hardline foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, provided no evidence to back his claim.

Israeli FM warns Palestinians on independence push

The Palestinians plan to ask the UN to recognise their independence in September.

Cease-fire with Hamas a mistake, says Israeli FM

International mediators are trying to halt fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli FM pushes for new settlement construction

Israel`s hard-line foreign minister said Monday that his party will try to block any extension of Israel`s settlement slowdown.

Settlement slowdown will end: Israeli FM

Israel`s partial moratorium on settlements is due to expire on September 26.

No Palestinian state by 2012: Israeli FM

Israel`s hard-line foreign minister said Tuesday that there was "no chance" a Palestinian state would be established by 2012 — a message that threatened to cloud the latest visit by President Barack Obama`s Mideast envoy.