`Iran weapons ship` arrives in Israel

A ship allegedly carrying advanced rockets from Iran to Gaza that was intercepted by the Israeli navy was escorted into the Red Sea port of Eilat on Saturday.

Israeli Navy intercepts Gaza-bound ship

Israeli Navy intercepted a Finnish-flagged boat carrying pro-Palestinian international activists about 40 miles away from the Gaza Strip`s coast.

Israel seeks advanced missiles for new gunboats

The Israeli Navy has boosted security around the offshore platforms in recent months.

Israeli navy intercepts arms-laden ship en-route

The Israeli navy intercepted an Egypt-bound ship, suspected of carrying weapons
for Hamas.

Israeli forces board Jewish Gaza-bound aid ship

Israeli warships on Tuesday
intercepted a Jewish activist boat trying to run the naval
blockade on Gaza and forced it to change course for a port in
southern Israel, organisers said.

Averting showdown, Gaza-bound ship heads for Egypt

A Libyan aid ship, initially bent on busting the Gaza blockade, entered Egyptian waters on Wednesday.

Israel Navy kills 4 Palestinian militants off Gaza

The men were militants on their way to conduct a terror attack, said Israel.