Israeli military slams soldiers refusing to spy on Palestinians

The Israeli military Sunday sharply criticised a conscientious objection letter sent by 43 veterans of an elite intelligence unit who refused to serve their duty due to Israel's surveillance and information gathering tactics.

Israeli soldiers arrested for munition trade

Four Israeli soldiers were arrested on suspicion of selling munitions stolen from their army bases to convicted felons, police announced Monday.

Israeli ministers push bill to punish radical NGOs

Israeli ministers approved a bill that would impose harsh penalties on Israeli rights groups that support boycotts of the country or war crimes charges against its soldiers.

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian civilian in Gaza: Medics

A Palestinian man has been shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources have said.

Photos of semi-clad Israeli soldiers posted on sites

Four Israeli women soldiers have been disciplined after photographs, showing them posing only in their underwears and combat gear, were posted on Facebook.

Female Israeli soldiers punished for racy photos

The Israeli military on Sunday said that it has disciplined a group of female soldiers who posed for photos in underwear and combat gear and posted the images on Facebook.

Palestinians, Israeli soldiers clash in West Bank

Palestinians have clashed with Israeli troops during rallies across the West Bank in support of hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners and against Israel`s security barrier.

Israeli soldiers train to shoot down missiles

Israel has put together a multilayered shield designed to intercept rockets.

Israeli soldiers kill 2 Islamic militants: Palestinians

The two militants died during an exchange of fire with Israeli soldiers.

More pictures show Israel troops posing with Palestinians

A rights group published new
photos of Israeli soldiers posing with a detainee and
vandalising a Palestinian home.

Israeli soldiers train Chinese employees in self-defence

Major Chinese companies operating
in high risk areas of the world have hired a group of former
Israeli soldiers, experts in Krav Maga martial arts form, to
train their employees in self-defence.