Italian parliament debates Berlusconi expulsion

Italy`s parliament today began debating the expulsion of Silvio Berlusconi in a momentous move that will rattle but not bring down the government and leave the billionaire tycoon more at risk of arrest.

Italy PM Letta faces showdown in Parliament after Berlusconi crisis

Silvio Berlusconi fought to hold his fractious center-right party together on Tuesday a day before a showdown in the Italian parliament that will decide whether Prime Minister Enrico Letta can survive in office.

Italy`s ex-premier Giulio Andreotti dies at 94

Giulio Andreotti was one of postwar Italy`s most powerful men: He helped draft the country`s constitution after World War II, served as its premier seven times and spent 60 years in Parliament.

Italian Parliament dissolved, elections to be held in February

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has dissolved the country`s Parliament, the latest development in the ongoing political crisis.

Italian Parliament backs anti-graft bill

The Italian Parliament has approved the government`s anti-corruption bill that seeks to increase jail terms in graft cases, among other measures.

Italian Parliament Commission approves burqa ban

A draft law banning women from wearing veils was approved in Italy.