Italian tanker ship runs aground off Sicily

The crew of an Italian tanker was evacuated by helicopter after the ship ran aground off Sicily in storm-tossed seas.

Pirates hijack Italian tanker, 7 Indians on board

An Italian tanker with 18 people, including seven Indians on board was hijacked in an area where Somali pirates operate.

Somali pirates free Italian tanker hijacked in Feb

The 105,000-ton tanker was seized on February 8 after five pirates
aboard a skiff opened fire.

‘Pirates seize Italian tanker in Gulf of Guinea’

Pirates seized an Italian tanker
with a crew of 23 in the Gulf of Guinea on Sunday, the ANSA news
agency said.

Italian tanker with 17 Indians hijacked

An Italian oil tanker with 17 Indians on board was hijacked Tuesday by pirates in the Indian Ocean, authorities said.