Splitting embryos to produce twins for IVF not viable

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority Code of Practice makes it clear that clinics should not produce embryos for in vitro fertilisation treatment by embryo splitting.

Mothers of IVF babies at increased risk of digestive disease

Women who give birth to babies using in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) are at increased risk of a chronic digestive disease.

World's first 'concert' for embryos held in Spanish clinic

A Spanish singer-songwriter has performed live for a very special audience - 380 embryos in an IVF clinic - in a first of its kind effort to boost fertilisation rates.

50 percent of women with Endometriosis face infertility: Study

Fifty percent of the women suffering from Endometriosis -- a condition wherein the tissue lining inside the uterus grows outside -- are likely to suffer from infertility, a study said here on Wednesday.

Woman with small womb gives birth to twins

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a form of assisted reproductive technology, proved to be a boon for 27-year-old Archana who, despite having a smaller womb and several health complication, gave birth to twins at a city hospital here.

New IVF device to improve fertility treatment

Scientists have developed a new technique to more effectively grow and screen embryos prior to implantation during in vitro fertilisation (IVF), leading to higher success rates and lower costs.

New technique to improve IVF success rates

There is good news for couples wanting to start a family with the help of in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Gurgaon hospital to give free IVF treatment

On the occasion of National Safe Motherhood Day, a hospital in Gurgaon announced on Saturday that it would provide free IVF treatment to 100 women from poor sections of the society.

'Miracle baby' who suffered 5 cardiac arrests to celebrate his first birthday

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: In a medical marvel, a baby boy who suffered five cardiac arrests has defied the odds and is about to celebrate his first birthday on April 15.

New tech to select healthiest sperm to boost IVF

Researchers are adapting a new technology to select the healthiest and best swimming sperm from a sample of semen to increase success rates for in-vitro-fertilisation (IVF).

India to host 22nd World Congress on fertility

India will host the 22nd world congress on fertility which aims to promote education and research in the field of reproductive medicine and also raise the standards of its practice.

'Three-parent' babies to prevent deadly genetic diseases

The controversial IVF technique to conceive babies with DNA from three parents, which has been approved by UK lawmakers, aims to prevent deadly genetic diseases being passed from mother to child, scientists say.

Now, infertile couples may have kids from IVF

A new research has demonstrated that infertile couples who cannot produce their own sex cells may finally be able to have children through IVF after scientists achieved a key breakthrough in making sperm and eggs from skin cells.

'Sparks fly' when egg meets sperm

A new study has revealed that a fertilized mammalian egg releases from its surface billions of zinc atoms in "zinc sparks," one wave after another.

Chhattisgarh's first 'sperm bank' opens in Raipur

Remember 'Vicky Donor'! The movie not only sparked off an interest in sperm donation among men but also dealt with the stigma attached to the practice.

Consuming beer every day doubles fertility in men

A new study has claimed that drinking around a pint and a half of beer per night could double their fertility rates.

Bill to regulate surrogacy, IVR soon in India; foreigners to be barred

The Australian couple's move to abandon one of their twins born via a surrogate mother in India has raised new controversy for Indian surrogacy while exposing the dark side of the booming industry in the country.

Infertile woman pregnant with 'two' pairs of identical twins in 1-in-70m chance

A couple in US, who has been trying for a baby for eight years, is expecting 'two' pairs of identical twins, which believed to be a one-in-70 million chance.

Medical marvel: Woman gives birth to baby after womb transplant

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: In a medical marvel, a woman in Sweden has given birth to a baby after receiving a womb transplant.

Synthetic sperm protein can help increase chances of successful IVF

A new study has revealed that a synthetic version of a sperm protein satisfies criteria of genuine sperm-borne oocyte activation for IVF, raising the chances of it being a success.