Bangladesh court orders Islamist tycoon to hang for war crimes

A media tycoon who is a key figure in Bangladesh`s largest Islamist party was sentenced to death Sunday for war crimes, just days after its leader was ordered hanged for similar offences.

Bangladesh Islamist party chief war crimes verdict postponed

A Bangladeshi war crimes tribunal deferred its verdict on an Islamist party chief already sentenced to death in a separate case on Tuesday because he is sick, lawyers said.

Pakistan politician praises India`s election commission

In a rare compliment for an Indian institution from across the border, the chief of the conservative Jamaat-e-Islami party here today praised India`s election commission for its conduct of the Lok Sabha polls.

Fresh clashes kill five in Bangladesh over Islamist hanging

Bangladesh police opened fire on bomb-throwing Islamist protesters on Monday as five more people died in clashes sparked by the execution of an Islamist leader for war crimes.

Pakistani political party`s office set ablaze

Unidentified assailants Saturday set on fire an election office belonging to a political party in Pakistan`s port city of Karachi, a media report said.

Bangladesh on the boil, 21 killed in fresh clashes

Bangladesh on Sunday deployed army in its north as a fresh wave of violence claimed 21 lives, taking the death toll to about 80, in clashes that have rocked the nation since the conviction of Islamist leaders for 1971 war crimes.

Jamaat asks Rehman Malik to cancel India visit

Pakistan`s fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami party has asked Interior Minister Rehman Malik to call off his visit to New Delhi saying India would again demand the handing over of JuD chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.