James Cameron hints at rebooting 'Terminator' franchise
James Cameron hints at rebooting 'Terminator' franchise

James Cameron did not get involved in the new installment of "Terminator", but he may revisit the franchise for a reboot.

James Cameron wins 'Avatar' lawsuit by an artist
James Cameron wins 'Avatar' lawsuit by an artist

James Cameron has won the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by artist Roger Dean, who claimed the director ripped off his paintings for 2009 blockbuster movie 'Avatar'.

I`m on right track with `Avatar` sequels, says James Cameron

James Cameron feels he`s on the "right track" with ` Avatar` sequels, which he calls as the "mega project," as he`s almost done with the scripts and the preliminary preparations.

Sigourney Weaver to join `Avatar` sequel in different role

Sigourney Weaver, whose character of Grace Augustine died in `Avatar`, is returning in the James Cameron-directed sequels in a different role.

James Cameron making `Avatar` inspired live show

Director James Cameron has collaborated with entertainment company Cirque du Soleil for an `Avatar` inspired live production, which will debut in late 2015.

Cirque du Soleil takes on `Avatar`

Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron is partnering with Cirque du Soleil to bring his blockbuster film "Avatar" to the stage, it was announced Thursday.

Sigourney Weaver will transform in `Avatar` sequels

Actress Sigourney Weaver has revealed that she will "transform" in the forthcoming sequels of `Avatar`.

James Cameron in USD 1 billion lawsuit over `Titanic 3 D`

Filmmaker James Cameron has been embroiled in a bizarre USD 1 billion lawsuit over his `Titanic 3D` by a woman, who claims that he stole her idea about recreating the magical experience.

James Cameron sued over `Titanic 3D`

A woman, who claims that director James Cameron and studio executives at 20th Century Fox/Paramount Pictures hijacked her idea to make the April 2012 release ‘Titanic 3D’, has reportedly sued them for $1 billion.

Kate Winslet still refuses to autograph her nude `Titanic` pic

Kate Winslet has revealed that her nude ` Titanic` portrait where she draped herself naked over a sofa still haunts her and that she always declines to autograph a copy of it.

`Avatar II, III, IV films to go into production simultaneously`

James Cameron has opened up about the time table of ` Avatar` sequels with respect to screenplays and writing.

Israel calls for reoccupation of Gaza after rocket salvos

Israel`s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for reoccupation of the Gaza Strip, following a heavy Palestinian rocket fire into the Jewish state.

Kate Winslet to be honoured with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet is all set to be honoured with a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Titanic` made me be in control of my career: DiCaprio

The actor is very proud of his breakout role in the James Cameron directed movie.

Plagiarism suit against James Cameron for `Avatar` quashed

Oscar-winning director James Cameron has emerged clean in a plagiarism suit filed for his epic science-fiction `Avatar`.

James Cameron to film three `Avatar` sequels in New Zealand

James Cameron is set to shoot his next three `Avatar` films in New Zealand.

`Gravity` is the best space film ever made: James Cameron

James Cameron has called Alfonso Cuaron`s `Gravity` the best space film ever made.

`Gravity` is best space film ever made: James Cameron

James Cameron has described Alfonso Cuaron`s ‘Gravity’ as the best space film ever done.

James Cameron says all future entertainment will be in 3D

James Cameron has predicted that in the future films, television, video games and all other media will be in 3D.

James Cameron to make three `Avatar` sequels

James Cameron has upped the number of ` Avatar` sequels to the 2009 mega-blockbuster.