Pakistan has potential to be stabilising force: James Clapper

Pakistan, under Nawaz Sharif`s leadership, has the potential to be a stabilising force in the region, US intelligence chief said.

US spy chief calls on Edward Snowden to return NSA documents

Leaks from ex-intelligence contractor Edward Snowden have damaged America`s national security and he should return the secret documents he has "stolen", the US spy chief said.

No party to get majority in 2014 General Elections in India: US spy chief

Coalition politics would continue to dominate India`s governance as no party is likely to get a clear majority in the 2014 general election, a senior US intelligence official said on Wednesday.

NSA chief dismisses reports on European phone data collection

The head of the US National Security Agency today defended his organisation and dismissed as "completely false" reports that the spy agency collected data on millions of phone calls in Europe.

US snooping: Spy chief defends spying on foreign leaders

The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, on Wednesday defended the decision of the National Security Agency to monitor phone calls of foreign leaders and said that it was imperative to keep a watch on their intentions.

US more exposed to terror attacks after shutdown: James Clapper

In one of the most dangerous side-effects of the US government shutdown, the country’s top intelligence officer warned that furloughing of civilians, specially spies will make the country more susceptible to terror attacks.

US shutdown forces `damaging` spy layoffs: Director

Some 70 per cent of employees in US intelligence have been furloughed in the government shutdown, the top US spy official said on Wednesday, calling the situation "damaging" to national security.

US group to review intelligence collection methods

US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Monday announced plans to establish a review group to look at the government`s intelligence collection methods and surveillance capabilities.

US declassifies phone program details after uproar

US` intelligence official is declassifying details about program saying collecting America`s phone records and US internet use of foreign nationals overseas were necessary to detect terrorist threats.

US intelligence chief: Cyberterror leading threat

The top US intelligence official says cyberterrorism is the leading worldwide threat to US security.

Benghazi attack deliberate and organised: US

The top US intelligence authority has revised its assessment of the September 11 attack on its Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

`Very difficult to achieve India-Pakistan peace`

A top US intelligence official said a lot of countervailing factors are responsible for delay in peace between India and Pakistan.

‘India preparing for limited conflict with China’

A top US intelligence official on Wednesday said that the Indian Army is
strengthening itself for a "limited conflict" with China.

Pak considers India an existential threat: US

The US wants its relations with Pakistan to remain positive, but their interests sometimes differed as Pakistan considered India as an existential threat, according to Washington`s intelligence chief.

US, Pakistan spies rebuild ties: Clapper

Pakistan has also stopped demanding the CIA suspend the covert drone strikes.

Muammar Gaddafi `will prevail’: Top US spy

The US government however reaches out to Libyan opposition with direct talks.

Al Qaeda remains US’ top threat: Report

The director of national intelligence may also address Mideast revolts.

US Senate confirms James Clapper as US spy chief

James Clapper would now oversee 16 agencies that make up US intel community.

US Prez Barack Obama names retired General new intelligence head

President Barack Obama named retired General James Clapper as his new Director of National Intelligence.