Jones not visiting Pak for Memogate probe: Munter

US Ambassador to Pakistan also denied that Washington is holding peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar.

I delivered secret memo to Mullen: James Jones

Mansoor Ijaz has claimed that he drafted the memo on the instructions of Pakistan`s Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani.

`Pak resistant to India`s friendly overtures`

Former US NSA James Jones says Islamabad has been extremely reluctant to positively respond to India`s friendly

‘World lucky to have Manmohan Singh as Indian PM’

The world, the United States
in particular, is lucky to have Manmohan Singh as Indian Prime
Minister who has taken personal risk to avoid confrontation
along the western border despite provocations, a former
Obama aide has said.

Libya more `vital` to Europe than US: Obama’s ex-advisor

James Jones said Gaddafi`s ouster was the ultimate goal in military campaign.

Jones steps down as Obama`s National Security Adviser

US Prez`s NSA James Jones has stepped down and would be replaced by his deputy Tom Donilon.

Fall in US public support for Afghan war "worrisome": Jones

President Barack Obama`s national security advisor has voiced concern about Americans growing weary of the war in Afghanistan, despite what he called apparent "elements of success."

NSA Jones meets David Petraeus in Kabul

NSA James Jones made an unannounced but a significant trip to Kabul, on his way back from India and discussed regional security with top US officials in Afghanistan.

India urges US to ease tech sanctions

In the run-up to US President Barack Obama`s visit here in November, India Wednesday pressed the US for easing trade in dual-use technologies and conveyed its unease over the shifting power games in Afghanistan.

Jones to prepare for Obama`s India trip

US President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit India in November.

Indo-US ties to be defining partnership of 21st century: Jones

A top Obama administration official has said that America`s relationship
with India would be the defining partnership of the 21st

Moment of many challenges for Middle East: Jones

Reiterating Obama administration commitment for a two-State solution to the Israeli-Palestine dispute, a top US official said it is a moment of many challenges for the Middle East.

Iran`s defiance poses significant regional, global threat: US

A nuclear-armed Iran could transform the landscape of the Middle East and precipitate nuclear arms race in the region, and the US is working with its UNSC allies to slap additional sanctions, a top Obama admin official said.

Obama admin to soon release new National Security Strategy

The United States would soon release a new National Security Strategy, a top Obama administration official has said.

US has struck major blows against al Qaeda leaders: NSA

Noting that America has refocused the fight against al Qaeda and its extremist allies, a top Obama administration official has said that the US has struck major blows against their leaders.

Regime change possible in Iran: Jones

A top Obama administration official has said that tougher sanctions against Iran over its defiance on its nuclear programme could trigger regime change in Tehran.

US NSA discusses security situation with AfPak leaders

US National Security Advisor General (Rtd) James Jones took a stock of security situation in the AfPak region during his meetings with leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the White House has said.

Sanctions looming for Iran: Obama’s NSA

Iran must satisfy the demands of the international community over its nuclear programme or face fresh sanctions and increasing isolation, US National Security Adviser (NSA) James Jones said on Saturday.

Afghan success linked to Pak’s willingness to act: US

The US` success in Afghanistan is directly linked to Pakistan`s willingness to co-operate and act against al Qaeda, Taliban and other extremist organisation, as AfPak region remains the epicentre of violent extremism, a top Obama administration official has said.

`Obama administration`s commitment on human rights unwavering`

The Obama administration on Friday said that its strong human rights record in its first 11 months is just the beginning of a new era of US leadership and engagement in the world.