UK to shut nuclear unit in wake of Japan disaster

Unions hit out at the decision to close the Sellafield
MOX Plant, which employs 800 people.

IAEA chief seeks bigger crisis role

Yukiya Amano would like to see IAEA more involved in damage control from future nuclear disaster.

Can’t give up N-energy despite Japan disaster: PM

PM Manmohan Singh said the present "nervousness" in the world over nuclear power would end when the issue is discussed in a "cool-headed" manner.

Japan disaster sparks social media innovation

The Web has spawned creativity and innovation online amid a collective desire to ease suffering.

Simpsons’ episodes banned over Japan disaster

The banned episodes of The Simpsons contained jokes about nuclear meltdown.

Simpson episodes come under scanner

Some episodes of Simpsons contain jokes about nuclear meltdown.

‘Wolverine’, ‘Avatar’ sequels ‘put on hold’ after Japan disaster

The upcoming ‘Wolverine’ and ‘Avatar’ sequels have reportedly been put on hold following the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan.

Japan disaster: After tsunami, one village vanishes

The tsunami obliterated a village of about 250 people and 70 or so houses.