Japan quake triggers sharp rise in heart disease

The massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan March 11 last year triggered a sharp rise in the incidence of heart disease.

Japanese bank to roll out palm scanning ATMs

Last year thousands of quake victims fled homes in Japan, leaving their cash cards behind, one bank has the answer, ATMs that use a palm-scanner to issue money.

Strong quake shakes northern Japan; no damage seen

A strong earthquake shook northern Japan, causing small tidal changes on its Pacific coastline but no damage or injury was reported.

Scientists survey seabed fractured by Japan quake

Scientists today launched a mission to the seabed off Japan where a massive quake triggered last year`s devastating tsunami.

Major quake to hit Tokyo within years?

Tokyo has a 70 per cent chance of being hit directly by a
powerful magnitude-7 quake within four years, warns a study.

Strong quake jolts northern Japan, felt in Tokyo

The earthquake also had no impact on the tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co said.

Silence as Japan marks six months after tsunami

An earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March left 20,000 dead or missing and sparked a nuclear crisis.

Strong quake hits northeastern Japan

Japan experiences 20 percent of the strongest quakes recorded on Earth each year.

Japan plans additional $165 bn for reconstruction

Japan`s government has yet to finalise the maturity periods for the planned reconstruction bonds.

Disaster-hit Japan will not cut aid to Africa

Japan is "deeply touched" by an outpouring of support from African countries.

Japan quake-tsunami toll tops 14,700

Japan`s govt has said the damage from the disaster could total $310 billion.

Hydrophone captures Japan quake roar

A hydrophone has captured the menacing roar of the March 11 Japan quake.

Japan disasters orphan 82 children

Official figures could rise as research is carried out in isolated areas.

Japan bans rice planting in contaminated soil

Rice grown in soil not found to be contaminated will also be checked.

New quake causes power outages, toxic water spill in Japan

The 7.1-magnitude quake late Thursday was the strongest tremor since March 11 jumbo.

Japan races to find tsunami dead despite radiation

A tsunami-pummelled coast has been largely off-limits due to a nuclear plant.

Hillary to visit quake-hit Japan: Report

Hillary Clinton assures that US will be with Japan "every step of the way".

Japan focuses on hydrogen build-up after nuclear leak

Japan pumped nitrogen gas into a crippled nuclear reactor on Thursday.

Japan: Workers struggle to block radiation leaking crack at N-plant

Radiation worries have compounded misery for tsunami-hit people in Japan.

You can`t lose this battle: Japan PM to nuke workers

Japan`s PM promises to support those who lost everything in massive tsunami.