Oprah Winfrey suffered nervous breakdown over `struggling network`

Oprah Winfrey has confirmed previous rumors that she went through a nervous breakdown in 2012 over her "struggling network" OWN, asserting that the reports were "true".

Anti-Kony group releases follow-up to viral video

The makers of the viral "Kony 2012" video that drew world attention to a violent rebel campaign by fugitive Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony released a new film on Thursday.

Kony filmmaker arrested for allegedly masturbating in public

The mastermind behind the now-famous ‘Kony 2012’ video, Jason Russell, has been taken into custody for allegedly masturbating in public and drunkenness.

`Kony 2012` director answers critics of video

The director of a video sensation that calls for the arrest of Joseph Kony, agreed on Friday with skeptics who have called the film oversimplified, saying it was deliberately made that way.

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