Republican Mitt Romney opts out of 2016 run for president

Republican Mitt Romney bowed out of the 2016 U.S. presidential race on Friday after considering a third run, telling supporters it was time for the next generation of party leaders to seek the White House.

Republican Jeb Bush forms 'Right to Rise' group

Republican Jeb Bush is forming a political action committee as he moves closer to a prospective White House bid.

Hillary Clinton trumps Jeb Bush in 2016 matchup: poll

Presumed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton would comfortably defeat Jeb Bush for president if the two members of their famous US political clans went head to head in 2016, poll results showed Monday.

Jeb Bush explores 2016 US presidential run

Jeb Bush is actively exploring a run for the U.S. presidency in 2016, making the former Florida governor with the famous political last name one of the first major Republicans to formally move toward a possible candidacy.

Jeb Bush hints 2016 presidential bid

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, son of ex-president George H W Bush and brother of former President George W Bush, has hinted about his presidential bid in 2016, saying that he will decide on this "in short order".

Bush father, son want Jeb Bush run for White House

Former President George W Bush said that he believes his brother Jeb Bush should run for president but ultimately the former Florida governor must make a decision regardless of any pressure from the family.

Jeb's 2016 Presidential race evenly split: George W Bush

Former President George W Bush on Sunday said that the odds of his brother and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush running for the White House in 2016 are evenly split.

Bush dynasty scion wins first election

George P Bush, a scion of the Bush dynasty that has given America two presidents, has been elected as the Texas land commissioner, becoming the first in his family to win his maiden election.

Boehner says he`s nudged Jeb Bush on presidency

The top Republican in Congress has delivered the strongest hints about his preference for the White House.

I hope Jeb runs: George W Bush on younger brother

If it were up to former US president George W Bush, a third member of the Republican family dynasty -- his younger brother Jeb -- would run for the White House.

Jeb Bush says illegal immigration often ``an act of love``

Jeb Bush, a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2016, said on Sunday that illegal immigrants who come to the United States to provide for their families are not committing a felony but an "act of love."

Flood of `fertile immigrants` needed to boost US economy, said Jeb Bush

American politician and former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush has said that US immigration needs reform so that `more fertile` immigrants can help offset US population decline and boost the economy.

Clinton leads over Jeb Bush and Rubio in Florida opinion poll

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a double digit lead over two possible Republican presidential candidates, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, in their home State of Florida, opinion poll said.

Don`t blame Bush for your failures: Republicans to Obama

A top Republican leader has asked the US President to desist from blaming his predecessor George W Bush for his own "failed" policies.

Romney will prove to be a great US president: Bush

A day after being nominated as Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney received praise from former US president George W Bush.