Jessie J photoshops her wrinkles from photo

Singer Jessie J has revealed she erased traces of the unsightly wrinkles from her legs in the cover photo for her latest album 'Sweet Talker'.

I am not appreciated in UK: Jessie J

Pop star Jessie J doesn`t feel appreciated as an artist in the UK.

Jessie J announces third studio album `Sweet Talker`

Pop star Jessie J has announced that she will release her third studio album Sweet Talker in October.

Jessie J upset with Adele?

Pop star Jessie J has reportedly fallen out with Adele because she thinks her success has changed the Oscar-winning singer.

Have worked with Diplo, 2 Chainz on new album: Jessie J

Pop star Jessie J has revealed that she has worked with Tricky, The-Dream, Diplo, 2 Chainz, Max Martin and Ammo on her new album.

Jessie J wants to collaborate with Lady Gaga

`Domino` hitmaker Jessie J admires singer Lady Gaga and wants to work with her.

Jessie J performs an acoustic version of `Bang Bang`

Pop star Jessie J has performed an acoustic version of her song `Bang Bang`.

Jessie J moving to USA

Pop star Jessie J has revealed she is planning to move to the US within the next 18 months.

Jessie J to collaborate with Nicki Minaj on new song

Singer Jessie J has announced that she is working with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj on a new song.

Jessie J posts naked selfie

Pop star Jessie J posted pictures from her bed wearing just a white sheet following her performances in Spain and Portugal.

Jessie J had a stroke at 18

Singer Jessie J recently revealed that she had "a minor stroke" when she was 18 years old.

Jessie J denies ever lying about her sexuality

Jessie J has denied that she ever lied about her sexuality in a lengthy Twitter post where the singer reverted to the "hate" she received from her fans after she said that dating girls was a "phase".

Jessie J comfortable shopping at flea market

Singer Jessie J is not very brand conscious and likes to shop at flea markets.

Jessie J wants cameo in `Geordie Shore`

Pop star Jessie J is reportedly desperate for a cameo appearance in British reality show `Geordie Shore`.

Jessie J is one of my favourite artists: Olivia Somerlyn

Singer Olivia Somerlyn is a huge fan of Jessie J and says she looks up to her.

Singer Jessie J finds fan abuse scary

Singer Jessie J says getting hate messages online from fans is a scary experience.

Miley Cyrus hits back at `degraded` VMAs back-up dancer

Miley Cyrus has responded to her former bear dancer of MTV VMA`s statement with an image on Twitter.

Jessie J eyes Hollywood move

British singer Jessie J is hoping to add actress to her resume as she is eyeing up a move into Hollywood films.

Chickpeas soup protects Jessie J`s voice

Singer Jessie J drinks chickpeas and garlic soup to protect her voice from any damage.

You will get to know me on my next tour: Jessie J

Singer Jessie J says fans will get to know her better in her upcoming concert tour next month.