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Short flashes of light can prevent jet lag

Short flashes of light can prevent jet lag

Researchers led by Zeitzer have been working on developing an optimal technique for using light exposure to help people adjust more quickly to changes in their sleep cycles.

Sleep at exact time daily to remain healthy

 The timing of your sleep is just as important as how much sleep you finally get, researchers from Washington State University have found.

Fruit fly 'brain in a jar' helps discover biology of jet lag

The first real-time imaging of intact circadian neural networks, courtesy of a fruit fly's "brain in a jar," has revealed the inner mechanisms of jet lag.

Ryan Lochte wins 200m medley at Orlando meet

Ryan Lochte wins 200m medley at Orlando meet

Ryan Lochte shook off any lingering jet lag to win the 200m individual medley on Saturday as USA Swimming`s Pro Series meet at Orlando concluded.

Scientists identify reset button for circadian clock

Scientists have found the new reset button for our circadian clock, which could open lot of treatment options for seasonal affective disorder, adverse health effects of working the night shift, or even cure jet lag.

Beware! Jetlag can contribute to obesity

Urgent appointments, tight work timetables and hectic social schedules may require you to travel frequently leading to jet lag.  

Now an app to help travellers overcome jet lag

Do you suffer from jet lag? Researchers have come up with a mobile app which offers ways to overcome it by snapping internal clocks of travellers to new time zones.

Mechanism to reset body clock found

Scientists have discovered a new mechanism that governs how body clocks react to changes in the environment, a finding that could help treat detrimental effects of chronic shift work and jet-lag.

Night shifts and jet lag disrupt genetic rhythm in humans

The daily rhythms of our genes are disrupted when sleep times shift, a new study has revealed.

Enzyme discovery may provide jet lag cure

The enzyme that manufactures melatonin - hormone which regulates the body`s internal clock - originated 500 million years ago, according to a new study which may hold clues to treating jet lag and `winter blues`.

Late nights can make you feel sick

Jet lag, shift work or any late night might be the reason behind you getting sick, a new study has revealed.

Brain molecule may hold jet lag cure

VIP treatment! Boosting a brain chemical may lead to new treatments for jet lag, scientists say.

Cure for jet lag may finally be here!

Scientists are one step closer to make jet lag and shift work less painful, as they have discovered the body clock "reset button".

Clues to possible cure for jet lag found

Scientists have found a genetic mechanism in mice that hampers their body clock`s ability to adjust to changes in patterns of light and dark.

Cure to jet lag comes closer to reality

Having problem with sleep disorders? A new research suggests that these common sleep disturbances can one day be put to bed.

Adjusting temperature key to beating jet lag: Study

Getting over jet lag after a long haul flight may be as simple as changing the temperature, a new study has claimed.

Jet lag may soon be history

Biologists at New York University have sheds new light on sleep-wake cycles by uncovering one way that biological clocks control neuronal activity.

Beware of the ‘social jet lag’

The long holiday break can leave many suffering from a ‘social jet lag’.

Jet lag pill that slows down body clock

Jet lag pill that slows down body clock to help you ‘catch up’ 1 step closer.

Jet lag causes memory loss: Study

A study indicated that chronic jet lag alters brain in ways that cause memory and learning problems.