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'James Bond' jet expected to fetch up to $300K at auction

'James Bond' fans are being given the opportunity to get their hands on the jet from opening scene of 1983's 'Octopussy,' only if they're willing to shell out around 300,000 dollars.

Malaysia Airlines jet turns back due to `pressure` woes

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director-general of the Department of Civil Aviation told AFP that the plane returned to Kuala Lumpur International Airport because it was unable to maintain the correct pressure inside the aircraft.

25 injured as Hong Kong-bound jet hits turbulence

Hong Kong airport authorities said they were notified by the plane`s captain at 11:00 am that they would need help from emergency services when they came into land.

Iranian jets deployed to help Iraq fight militants: Report

Iran has supplied Iraq with fighter jets to help it counter the belligerent offensive by Islamist militants who have taken over large swathes of territory, a media report said today.

Vietnam suspends crew after jet lands at wrong airport

Vietnam`s aviation authority has suspended the crew of a plane operated by budget airline VietJet Air after a flight bound for the tourist hub of Da Lat landed at another airport more than 100 kilometres away.

Kenyan jets hit al Shabaab bases in Somalia, kill 80: AU force

Kenyan fighter jets have attacked two bases belonging to Islamist al Shabaab insurgents in Somalia and killed at least 80 militants, African Union peacekeepers there said on Monday.

Syrian jets bomb ISIS-held towns near Iraq border, at least 16 dead

Syrian jets bombed on Saturday rebel-held eastern areas close to the border with Iraq under the control of the jihadist group the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), killing and injuring dozens in stepped up raids against the militant group since its Iraqi offshoot made stunning gains in northern Iraq.

Jet bombs Islamists` base in Libya`s Benghazi

A Libyan air force jet bombed positions held by Islamic militants on Sunday in the eastern city of Benghazi, a senior military official said, apparently as part of a renegade general`s ongoing offensive.

All seven aboard small jet killed in crash at US air base

All seven people aboard a small private jet were killed when the plane crashed and caught fire in a wooded area while taking off from an air force base in Massachusetts, US authorities said today.

Acoustic pings at heart of MH370 hunt not likely from black box: US official

Four acoustic transmissions that have been the focus of the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are no longer believed to have come from the plane`s black box, a US official said on Thursday.

How can jet disappear? In the ocean, it`s not hard

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is hardly the first reminder of how big the seas are, and of how agonizing it can be to try to find something lost in them.

Four killed after small jet from England crashes in Germany

Two pilots and two passengers were killed when a jet from England crashed in Germany on Sunday.

Jet in `near miss` with UFO close to Heathrow

A terrified pilot of a passenger jet has reported a near miss in which a rugby ball-shaped UFO passed within a few feet of his aircraft while flying near Heathrow Airport, baffling aviation authorities here.

Evidence of jet in Milky Way`s supermassive black hole found

Astronomers, who have long sought strong evidence that Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, is producing a jet of high-energy particles, have finally found it.

South Korea to finalise jet deal

South Korea`s arms procurement agency plans to receive a final bid next week for a $7.4 billion deal to buy 60 fighter jets, the largest arms import contract in the nation`s history, an official said Monday.

China says new jet not copied from US

China has rejected reports that its new aircraft carrier-borne fighter jet J-15 was copied from US technology.

Syria warned of Turkey’s ‘wrath’ over jet downing

Turkish PM Lashed out at Syria over downing of its fighter jet, saying Turkey’s “wrath is as much violent and crushing."

Miffed with Syria, Turkey takes jet downing issue to NATO

Turkey on Sunday appealed to Nato state members to meet and discuss the response over the issue.

Kenyan jets bomb Somali rebel base

Kenyan jets bombed an al Shabaab rebel base in southern Somalia, killing a family of seven as well as seven insurgents.

IAF jet crashes near Pune, pilot safe

A frontline Sukhoi jet of the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed near this Maharashtra town Tuesday but the pilot bailed out to safety, an officer said.