Petraeus affair: Jill Kelley sues FBI, Def Dept over privacy violations

Jill Kelley, the Florida socialite who triggered a probe that ended the career of CIA director David Petraeus, has sued the FBI and the Defense Department for what she claims was a breach of her privacy.

Petraeus affair: Jill Kelley in bid to salvage reputation

Kelley’s legal team is alleging that ‘government sources’ are responsible for leaking her personal life to the media.

Kelley received US military’s highest civilian honour from Petraeus

According to the report, Petraeus recommended Kelley for the award while serving as commander of US Central Command in Tampa.

Socialite in midst of Petraeus scandal ‘flew at taxpayers’ expense’

Jill Kelley, at the centre of former CIA chief David Petraeus sex scandal, took multiple flights on military aircraft at taxpayers’ expenses, it has been claimed.

Woman in Petraeus scandal visited White House

A US official says a Florida socialite whose emails triggered the eventual downfall of CIA director David Petraeus visited the White House 3 times.