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Post reforms, world looks differently at India: World Bank President

World Bank President Jim Young Kim has said reforms initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have had a huge impact on the way world looks at India and praised the progress made in 'Swachh Bharat' campaign and 'Clean Ganga' programme.

Private sector feels India is a 'difficult place' for business: WB

The private sector strongly feels that India is a difficult place to do business due to many regulations, World Bank President Jim Young Kim said on Wednesday, calling for necessary reform to create a better environment and spur growth.

India expected to have a good third quarter: World Bank chief

World Bank President Jim Young Kim has said India was expected to have a good third quarter, which is in line with Finance Minister P Chidambaram's observations that the country's economy is now picking up.

US headed towards a very dangerous moment: World Bank

As talks broke down between President Barack Obama and House Republicans on ending a standoff over federal shutdown and debt ceiling, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim warned of the disaster ahead.

'BRICS Bank can supplement infra funds provided by World Bank'

The World Bank President said during his visit to BRICS countries he did not experience even slightly a diminishing of demand for its services.

'Unresolved bottlenecks slowed growth in developing countries'

Unresolved bottlenecks has slowed growth in middle income countries like India, Brazil, Russia and Turkey, World Bank President Jim Young Kim said while insisting that growth has to translate into poverty reduction and job creation and must be inclusive to curb inequality.

US nominee for WB presidency to travel to India

In an effort to solicit global support for his bid for the World Bank presidency, US President Barack Obama's nominee Jim Young Kim is undertaking a two-week "listening" tour of India, China and five other countries from this week to seek ideas and views about the future of the institution.