Carter Center shuts Egypt office over rights concerns

A human rights group founded by former US president Jimmy Carter said it has closed its office in Egypt because of a crackdown on dissent and restrictions on democratic freedoms.

Former US president Carter uses snail mail to evade NSA

Former US president Jimmy Carter has admitted he uses snail mail to evade monitoring by the National Security Agency and that he feels such surveillance methods have been abused.

Jimmy Carter `deeply concerned` over Egypt violence

Former US President Jimmy Carter called for calm in Egypt, warning that the escalating violence was jeopardising any hope of future reconciliation.

Election in June impossible in Nepal: Jimmy Carter

Former US president Jimmy Carter, who is on a visit to Nepal, said Monday that the general election as proposed in June this year is not possible in the country.

Ex-US President Carter meets Nepal leader Regmi

Former US president Jimmy Carter met the Chairman of Nepal`s interim election government, Khil Raj Regmi.

Former US President Jimmy Carter to visit Nepal

Former US President Jimmy Carter will visit Nepal later this month to encourage progress toward holding general elections, the Carter Centre said on Friday.

Jimmy Carter says Mideast peace is `vanishing`

Carter, a longtime critic of Israeli policies, called the current situation "catastrophic".

Chavez recounts `pleasant conversation` with Jimmy Carter

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he had a "pleasant conversation" on the phone with former US president Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter’s grandson arranged Romney video leak

James Carter IV says he was intrigued after seeing "mysterious clip of Romney talking about Chinese factory conditions".

Minor violations in Egypt`s vote: Jimmy Carter

Carter said the irregularities won`t impact the final results.

Carter asks Nepal leaders to compromise for peace

Former US president Jimmy Carter called on Wednesday for compromises among Nepal`s rival political factions to set the country on the road to peace.

Jimmy Carter casts Occupy movement as successful

Former US president said that Occupy organisers managed to focus national discussion on wealth disparity.

Carter held `confrontational` talks in North Korea

Ex-US president visited North Korea with three other ex-leaders last week.

N Korea wants North-South summit: Carter

S Korea wants Pyongyang to take responsibility for violence that killed
50 S Koreans last year.

N Korea wants guarantees to give up nukes: Carter

Carter is well-respected in N Korea for his role in a 1994 nuclear deal.

N Korea demands US security guarantee for N-talks: Carter

North Korea said it wants to rejoin international aid-for-disarmament talks.

Carter, other ex-leaders meet North Korean FM

It is unclear whether ex-US president and 3 leaders would meet Kim Jong Il.

Carter begins N Korean trip over denuclearization

Former US president is trying to revive stalled talks on the North`s denuclearization.

Former US president Carter arrives in North Korea

Former US president Jimmy Carter has arrived in North Korea, according to Chinese state media, on a visit aimed at easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Jimmy Carter, other former leaders to visit N Korea

Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that he hopes to meet with North Korea`s reclusive leader during a visit aimed at assessing severe food shortages and discussing the revival of nuclear disarmament talks.