Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales calls 'Wiki Zero' life saver

 Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales believes that free access to educational material could save a lot of lives, and has launched a project known as Wiki Zero to do the same.

Wikipedia `losing English-language editors`

Wikipedia has lost many of its English-language editors in the past 5 years, which is crippling its ability to keep pace with its mission to be an online source of knowledge, a study has revealed.

US online piracy bill comes under fire

Wikipedia website founder Jimmy Wales criticised US legislation Stop Online Piracy Act, calling it "the greatest threat to the internet".

Wikipedia focusing on India this year

One of the world`s most popular websites Wikipedia has turned its focus on India this year.

`Wikipedia too complicated to edit`

Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia says that the site is too complicated for many people to modify.

WikiLeaks was irresponsible: Wikipedia co-founder

Jimmy Wales said the decision to publish contents of classified US military docs was irresponsible.

Wikipedia eases editing restrictions on controversial pages

Wikipedia is now relaxing editing restrictions on up to 2,000 divisive articles.