Happy to call Brad Pitt my son-in-law: Jon Voight
Happy to call Brad Pitt my son-in-law: Jon Voight

Actor Jon Voight is happy that now he can call Brad Pitt his son-in-law.

Jon Voight praises granddaughter

Veteran actor Jon Voight loved seeing his granddaughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt act alongside her mother, his daughter Angelina Jolie, in `Maleficent`.

Jon Voight gushes about granddaughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt`s `Maleficent` performance

Angelina Jolie`s dad Jon Voight confessed that his granddaughter Vivienne`s acting debut in ` Maleficent ` was "wonderful".

Jon Voight calls daughter Angelina Jolie `inspirational`

Angelina Jolie`s father, Jon Voight, has said that he finds his daughter`s decision of going public about her double mastectomy `inspirational`.

Jon Voight buys Christmas gifts for Brangelina’s brood

Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight was reportedly spotted buying toys for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s crew.

Angelina Jolie `hasn’t shared any wedding plans with dad yet`

Angelina Jolie’s dad Jon Voight has revealed that he was just as surprised as the rest of the world when he learned about his daughter’s engagement to her love of seven years Brad Pitt.

Jon Voight happy about daughter Angelina Jolie’s engagement

Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight has revealed that he is very happy about news of his daughter being engaged to her long time partner Brad Pitt.

Jon Voight makes up with daughter Angelina Jolie

Jon Voight is said to have finally made up with his daughter Angelina Jolia after a long family feud ended in late 2009.