Jordan king warns Islamic State militants fight a `third world war`

Jordan`s King Abdullah II warned Friday that the fight against Islamic State militants is a "third world war," as President Barack Obama pledged a sizable US aid increase to his country.

Jordan king dissolves Parliament, orders polls

King Abdullah II of Jordan has dissolved the lower house of parliament and ordered new elections, state-run Petra news agency reported.

Jordan`s King warns Assad may seek Alawite refuge

Abdullah said that such an outcome of the Syrian crisis could splinter the country and cause ethnic strife.

`Al Qaeda could access Syria`s chemical weapons`

Jordan`s King Abdullah has expressed concern that Syria is spinning out of control.

Jordan king meets Hamas leaders, nod to Islamists

Jordan`s king has met with top Hamas leaders as part of an about-face effort to engage with Islamists, who have been gaining ground all over the Mideast.

Jordan King Abdullah in West Bank as Mideast boils

Jordan`s King Abdullah will meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Jordan`s King urges Syria`s Assad to step down

Jordan has been critical of Syria`s violent crackdown on anti-government protesters in recent months.

Jordan king swears in new reform-mandated govt

Jordan`s King Abdullah II on Monday swore
in a new 30-strong cabinet led by Prime Minister Awn

Jordan`s King urges restart of Mideast peace talks

Abdullah says the future for the Middle East and beyond is with the normalcy of peace.

Jordan king`s motorcade stoned in southern city

A group of young men attacked
the motorcade of Jordan`s King Abdullah II with stones and
empty bottles as he visited the southern city of Tafileh
on Monday, but no one was hurt, a security official said.

Jordan King pledges parliamentary reform

King Abdullah II warned against "chaos" and the media creating a climate of "hatred”.

Jordan`s king wants improved ties with Iran

Jordan`s king has been one of the Iran`s harshest critics in recent years.

Middle East sliding `into the darkness`: Jordan king

The impasse in the Middle East peace process is sending the region back "into the darkness”, Jordan`s King Abdullah II said in an interview with an Israeli daily, parts of which were published on Thursday.