Vladimir Putin wants troops out of Ukraine`s east

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that Ukraine should withdraw its military units from the eastern and southern regions of the country, where anti-government insurgents are seizing buildings, but hours later, Ukraine`s acting president ordered the military draft be renewed as the unrest intensifies.

Vladimir Putin says he may seek fourth presidential term

President Vladimir Putin said that he may run for a fourth presidential term in 2018, confirming the expectations of most Russians.

Putin says he may seek 4th presidential term

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he could run for a fourth presidential term in 2018. If he serves four terms, that would keep him in power for about a quarter century and make him the nation`s longest-serving leader since Josef Stalin.

FBI releases ‘classified files’ related to Stalin’s daughter

The FBI kept close tabs on Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s only daughter after her high profile defection to the United States in 1967.

Stalin wanted to torture Nazis post-WWII: Book

Soviet leader Josef Stalin wanted
to torture Nazis in secret after WW II in revenge for Germany`s betrayal of Russia, a book has claimed.

Ousted Moscow mayor slams `Stalin-era` repression

The extraordinary attack is the bitterest launched by any leading figure in Russia against Medvedev.