Thai elections pushed back to September 2016: Junta

Thailand`s junta confirmed Wednesday that elections will not be held until September 2016, dealing a further blow to hopes that the kingdom`s generals will swiftly hand power back to a civilian government.

Arrests after anti-junta protests on coup anniversary

Police arrested several anti-junta activists Friday for small protests marking a year since Thailand`s generals seized power from the elected government, as the defiant junta leader said the country "may have collapsed" without his intervention.

Thai junta reforms to fail without better charter: Former PM

Any achievements by Thailand`s ruling junta while in power will be lost without significant changes to the country`s draft constitution, Democrat Party leader and former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Friday.

From barracks to ballot box, Myanmar`s military holds key to power

 The Myanmar soldier, wearing his crisp green uniform, rifles through a box of T-shirts for a souvenir of his time in the country`s fledgling legislature -- a deeply controversial position in the former junta-run nation on the cusp of key elections.

New Thai security order is not tougher than martial law: Army chief

A sweeping new security measure in Thailand that has replaced martial law does not give the army more control than it had previously, Thailand`s army chief said on Thursday, following criticism that the junta has significantly increased its powers.

Concerns for detained after Myanmar student rally crackdown

Families of scores of arrested Myanmar activists on Wednesday sought news of their loved ones who were detained by police in a violent student protest crackdown, as fears grow of a return to junta-era repression.

Thai junta orders German NGO to cancel press freedom briefing

A German rights group said Thursday that it has been ordered by Thailand`s junta to cancel a briefing on the health of the kingdom`s media landscape, in a growing clampdown on freedom of expression.

Thai junta chief `upset` by US criticism

 Thailand`s junta chief said Wednesday he was "upset" by comments from a senior US diplomat during a recent visit criticising the military regime, as Washington`s top envoy in Bangkok was summoned for a meeting with Thai officials.

Myanmar: Suu Kyi party admits `cannot win` fight to change Constitution

Aung San Suu Kyi`s opposition party on Wednesday admitted it "cannot win" its battle to scrap parts of a junta-era Constitution that bars her from Myanmar`s presidency, decrying a parliamentary decision to postpone amendments until after 2015 elections.

Thai fans urge junta to boot out FA chief
Thai fans urge junta to boot out FA chief

Tens of thousands of football fans have signed a letter urging Thailand`s junta to kick out the nation`s controversial soccer chief, one of the organisers of the petition said Tuesday.

Thai junta`s gag on media raises alarm, criticism

Critics and journalists raised concerns today about the Thai military government`s latest move to tighten its grip on the media by banning them from criticising the junta`s operations and threatening to immediately suspend the broadcast or publication of content that defies the order.

Thai junta frees 14 Cambodian migrant workers

The Thai military junta has released 14 Cambodian migrant workers imprisoned last month for holding fake work visas, Cambodia`s foreign ministry said Friday.

Thai court sentences first anti-coup protester under junta

A Thai court today passed a suspended prison sentence on an anti-coup activist for breaching a ban on political gatherings, his lawyer said, in the first protest-related verdict since the military takeover.

Thai junta challenges Thaksin to return, fight legal charges

Thailand`s powerful army has challenged fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra to return and fight the legal charges against him, even as the military refuted reports that last month`s coup was planned in advance to rid the country of the Shinawatra clan`s influence.

Thailand`s junta releases `Red Shirt` activist

Thailand`s military junta today released an opposition activist who had appeared on an army television channel saying her detention was "too good for words to say" after demands from several human rights group for her freedom.

Thai military rulers appoint advisers; economy in doldrums

Thailand`s junta has appointed as advisers two retired generals with palace connections, putting powerful establishment figures hostile towards former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra firmly in the ascendant in the country`s long-running power struggle.

Thailand to junta: Please change your soundtrack

First Thailand`s junta seized power, then they commandeered every TV channel for round-the-clock broadcasts of dour announcements and patriotic hymns.

Myanmar military launches investor charm offensive

The Myanmar military`s secretive business empire made a rare foray into the public spotlight today, seeking to reassure foreign investors over their treatment in the former junta-ruled country.

Mali countercoup bid fails, junta claims control

Coup leader said that the countercoup had failed and that his soldiers have captured foreign fighters.

Mali junta pledges to cede power, rebels advance

Mali`s junta leader promised to reinstate the constitution from Sunday.