Karl Marx letter fetches $678,000 at China auction

A handwritten letter by Karl Marx accompanied by a vintage photograph of the author of "Das Capital" sold Tuesday for $678,000 at an auction in China, the China Daily newspaper reported.

Sign of the times as Russian athlete shows faith

The sight of a Russian athlete crossing herself before a race was one small example among many of how the country has changed in the generation since it last hosted the Olympic Games.

Marx, Lenin not untouchables: Mamata Banerjee

The CM`s remarks came amidst recommendations made by a syllabus reforms committee for excluding Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, from text books.

Mamata wants end of Marx, Engels in WB textbooks

Trinamool Congress defended the move, claiming the attempt is to "correct the imbalance" which was there is history textbooks in the state schools.

Vatican thumbs up for Karl Marx amid recession

Amid the worst recession in generations, Karl Marx, who famously described religion as "the opium of the people", got a thumbs-up from the Vatican overturning a century of Catholic hostility to his creed.