Russian crash investigators find voice recorder

Russian crash investigators say they have found a tape of cockpit conversations from a Boeing 737 that slammed into the ground in a nosedive crash, killing all 50 people on board.

Boeing plane crashes in Russia killing 50, authorities looking for answers

A day after a Boeing 737 plane crashed in Kazan killing all 50 people on board, authorities are hunting for clues that could give answers to the reason behind the incident.

Boeing plane crashes in Russia while landing, 50 killed

A passenger Boeing 737 plane on Sunday crashed while landing at an airport in the Russian city of Kazan. According to reports, all 50 passengers died after the plane exploded while attempting to land on the runway.

Top Muslim cleric shot dead in Russia

A top Muslim cleric in Russia`s Tatarstan province was shot dead and another wounded by a car bomb in two separate attacks.

Medvedev orders to build new aircraft plant

The mooted plant in Tatarstan`s capital will be intended, in particular, for constructing Antonov An-70 propfan tactical transport aircraft

Russian mosque has world`s largest Quran

Printed on Scotland paper, the Quran edition is 150x200 cm, has 632 pages and weighs 800 kg.

Kazan awarded 2015 world swimming championship

The Russian city of Kazan was awarded the 2015 world swimming championships on Friday, sparking a raucous celebration from their large bid delegation in Shanghai`s Oriental Sports Centre.