Nairobi terror attack: Names of two other mall terrorists revealed

A senior security official in Kenya disclosed for the first time what authorities believe are the names of two previously unidentified gunmen who carried out the attack on a Nairobi mall.

The Lion of Nairobi

Satpal Singh saved 40 lives in the Nairobi mall. When you give him the credit he cutely smiles and points his finger upwards saying it is Him who did it, not him.

Death toll of Indians killed in Kenya attack rises to 3

The number of Indians killed in Westgate mall terror attack in Kenya has risen to three, with one more body identified as that of an Indian national.

Kenya mall attack: Heavy gunfire erupts as Army fights militants

Most hostages held by gunmen in Nairobi`s shopping mall have been rescued, spokesperson of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) said; but the standoff continues as some attackers are believed to be holed up.

Nairobi attack: Narendra Modi speaks to Indian High Commissioner

Narendra Modi said he had spoken to the Indian High Commissioner in Kenya along with members of the Indian community there about the terrorist attack in Nairobi.

Nairobi mall attack: Details of the victims

At least 59 people were killed in Saturday’s attack in an upscale Nairobi shopping mall when masked assailants stormed the building and started shooting indiscriminately.

Nairobi mall attackers will be punished painfully: Kenyatta

As the Hostage crisis continues after the militant attack in Nairobi mall on Saturday, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the attackers will be punished “very painfully”.

Nairobi mall attack: Israeli forces join effort to end siege

As the standoff continues between the Kenyan security forces and the militants, who stormed the Nairobi mall on Saturday, the Israeli forces on Sunday have joined Kenyan efforts to end a deadly siege by the militants.

Kenya terror attack: Global effort required to fight terrorism, says Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday strongly condemned the terror strike on a shopping mall in Nairobi in Kenya and has directed the MEA to extend help to Indian nationals who were among the victims.

Kenyan President ‘lost family members’ in Nairobi mall attack

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta who condemned the Westgate mall terror attack in Nairobi, said he had “personally lost family members” in the terror attack which claimed 59 lives.

Nairobi mall attack: Death toll hits 68, president vows painful revenge

Kenyan Red Cross on Sunday evening said that the death toll in Nairobi mall attack has reached 68. According to reports, about 30 people are still being held as hostages inside the mall.