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Astronomers discover oldest known solar-like system
Astronomers discover oldest known solar-like system

An international team of astronomers combing through data from the US Kepler space telescope said Tuesday they have discovered a solar system with five Earth-sized planets dating back to the dawn of the galaxy.

Star with three planets larger than Earth discovered
Star with three planets larger than Earth discovered

NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered a star with three planets only slightly larger than Earth.

NASA posters depict alien worlds
NASA posters depict alien worlds

NASA has released three exoplanet posters in order to stir the public's curiosity about exoplanets discovered by the Kepler space telescope.

Planet-hunting Kepler probe now has new mission

NASA is planning to assign a new mission to its planet-hunting Kepler space telescope after a positioning system problem sidelined it last year.

`Upside-down planet’ reveals new method of studying binary star systems

A student astronomer at the University of Washington has found an ‘upside-down planet’ which may pave way for new method of studying binary star systems.

Kepler space telescope discovers wobbly planet

NASA`s planet-hunting Kepler space telescope has found a unique planet which wobbles on its axis - causing weather conditions to be highly erratic.

How circumbinary planets form revealed

Researchers using Kepler space telescope have discovered how circumbinary planets form.

One in five Milky Way stars may have Earth-like planets: Study

One out of every five sun-like stars in the Milky Way galaxy has a planet about the size of Earth that is properly positioned for water, a key ingredient for life, a study released on Monday showed.

China condemns NASA over conference ban

The US space agency NASA’s decision to ban Chinese scientists from attending a conference in the United States next month has been condemned by China.

Twinkle twinkle little star tell me whether habitable you are!

NASA`s Kepler space telescope has linked the patterns of stars` flicker to the amount of boiling taking place there, an important indicator of its size, mass and evolutionary state.

NASA calls off attempts to fix Kepler space telescope

The Kepler space telescope`s planet-hunting days are over because its broken positioning system cannot be fixed, NASA officials said on Thursday.

Kepler planet hunter spacecraft is beyond repair: NASA

NASA said today it cannot fix its hobbled planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope and is considering what sort of scientific research it might be able to do at half-capacity.

NASA`s Kepler space telescope could soon be shut down permanently

The Kepler space telescope - NASA`s primary instrument for detecting planets beyond our solar system-had suffered a critical failure and could soon be shut down permanently.

NASA’s Kepler space telescope suffers malfunction

NASA announced on Wednesday that Kepler spacecraft has been shut down due to the failure of one of the reaction wheels that keep it pointed.

Two new exoplanets identified

These planets, named KOI-200b and KOI-889b, are among the first detected with the new high-accuracy spectrograph HARPS-N.

Einstein`s theory witnessed at play in far-flung star system

NASA`s Kepler space telescope has witnessed the effects of a dead star bending the light of its companion star- a result of Einstein`s general theory of relativity - in binary, or double, star systems.

NASA marks 2 milestones in search for Earth-like planets

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has successful completed its 3 1/2- year prime mission and begins an extended mission that could last as long as four years.

Sun`s future `revealed`

Sun`s outer layer will expand and cool down, so it`ll look red, and the core will contract and become extremely hot and dense.

NASA confirms `super-Earth` that could hold life

In another step toward finding Earth-like planets that may hold life, NASA has said the Kepler space telescope has confirmed its first-ever planet in a habitable zone outside our solar system.