Kevin Costner to receive career achievement award
Kevin Costner to receive career achievement award


Los Angeles: Actor Kevin Costner is all set to receive AARP's Career Achievement Award, which will be presented as part of the organisation's annual Movies For Grownups Awards.

Alice Eve set to star in `Criminal`

Alice Eve would be joining the star-studded cast of upcoming thriller ` Criminal.`

Tommy Lee Jones in `Criminal`

Veteran actor Tommy Lee Jones is all set to join Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman in the upcoming thriller `Criminal`.

Gary Oldman in Kevin Costner starrer `Criminal`

`Batman star Gary Oldman is in talks to join Kevin Costner in thriller film `Criminal`.

`3 Days To Kill` review: Cliched plot with unconvincing graph

Writer Luc Besson has done some clever tweaks to the recycled story of a dying contract killer on the verge of reconnecting with his family. One last mission, a sexy handler with a deceitful agenda and `3 Days to Kill`.

Kevin Costner to receive Cinema Icon Award

Kevin Costner is set to be felicitated for his career achievements with the Cinema Icon Award at an upcoming Las Vegas film convention.

Costner helped Pine act in `Jack Ryan...`

Actor Chris Pine, who worked with Kevin Costner in `Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit`, says that he learnt a lot from Costner while shooting.

Hollywood is like living in a bubble: Chris Pine

Actor Chris Pine finds Hollywood a "weird bubble".

'Community' actress Gillian Jacobs cast opposite Kevin Costner in 'Black and White'

Gillian Jacobs is all set to share screen space with Kevin Costner in Mike Binder's 'Black and White'.

Kevin Costner sues ‘Robin Hood’ producers over profits

Kevin Costner has sued the producers of ‘Robin Hood: Prince of thieves’ for reportedly cutting him out of his share of the film’s profits since 2010.

Baldwin loses case against Costner

Actor Stephen Baldwin has lost a multi-million dollar case against actor Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner feeling neglected by Obama

Kevin Costner helped out Barack Obama in his election campaign in 2008, but the president is yet to return the favour, the actor has said.

Kevin Costner says Princess Diana was in talks for `Bodyguard` sequel

In a 2003 interview, Kevin told ABC that the film’s sequel featured his character shielding the People’s Princess from paparazzi.

Kevin Costner believes he should have ‘saved’ Whitney Houston

Kevin Costner, who delivered a moving address at Whitney Houston’s funeral on Saturday, said earlier that he “let her down” and should have saved her.

Costner had hard time convincing people to cast Whitney in debut film role

Whitney Houston’s co-star in her 1992 movie debut ‘The Bodyguard’, Kevin Costner, talked about the troubles he had to face for her to be cast in the movie.

Whitney Houston thought she wasn’t good enough, says Kevin Costner

Whitney Houston’s ‘The Bodyguard’ co-star Kevin Costner revealed that the singer was racked with self doubt about starring in the hit movie.

Whitney Houston remembered by Kevin Costner on funeral

Whitney Houston’s funeral saw her ‘The Bodyguard’ co-star Kevin Costner give a heartfelt tribute to her, describing her as a ‘sweet miracle’.

Kevin Costner drops out of `Django Unchained`

Kevin Costner has dropped out of Quentin Tarantino`s `Django Unchained` due to scheduling conflicts and personal reasons.

Kevin Costner exits Quentin Tarantino film

Hollywood actor Kevin Costner has dropped out of Quentin Tarantino`s upcoming film `Django Unchained` due to scheduling issues.

Kevin Costner joins cast of `Django Unchained`

Kevin Costner has reportedly signed up to star in Quentin Tarantino`s `Django Unchained` alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.