Sudan military sought to intimidate during `mass rape` probe: UN

 The Sudanese military sought to intimidate villagers in Darfur to keep quiet allegations of mass rape of more than 200 women and girls by Khartoum`s soldiers, according to a UN internal report.

First food aid convoy from Sudan reaches South: UN

The United Nations said on Sunday it has sent its first aid convoy from Sudan into South Sudanese territory, with enough supplies to feed 45,000 people for a month.

Sudan army denies Darfur 'mass rape' report

The Sudanese army on Sunday said a media report that its troops had carried out a mass rape in the war-torn western region of Darfur was "unjustified and unreasonable".

South Sudan truce already broken, rebels claim

South Sudan`s rebels on Saturday accused government forces of attacking their positions, just hours after the two sides promised an immediate halt to their nearly 11-month-old civil war.

Two guards killed in Sudan presidential palace shooting

The Sudanese presidential palace on Saturday came under attack when an armed person crossed the palace security barrier and opened fire on the guards, killing two of them before another guard took the attacker down.

Sudan politicians to meet rebels over dialogue: Mbeki

Darfur: A Sudanese political delegation will meet representatives of armed groups battling Khartoum to try to secure their participation in national dialogue talks, African Union chief mediator Thabo Mbeki said Wednesday.

Qatar to export gas to sanctions-hit Sudan: Minister

Khartoum: Qatar has agreed to provide sanctions-hit Sudan with natural gas and to boost military cooperation with Khartoum, Sudan's defence minister said after visiting the Gulf state.

At least 13 killed in road accident in Sudan

Khartoum: At least 13 people were killed and 10 injured in a traffic accident near Al-Qitaina area in Sudan's White Nile State Monday, a media report said.

Spanish diplomat stabbed to death in Sudan

A Spanish diplomat was found stabbed to death in his apartment in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Monday police said.

Sudan orders closure of Iran cultural centres

Sudan has ordered Iran to close its cultural centres and given their managers 72 hours to leave the country, an official said Tuesday, in a shock to generally close relations.

18 Sudanese killed in Libya unrest: Official media

Eighteen Sudanese have been killed by a rocket strike in the Libyan capital, but Khartoum says the situation does not yet warrant an evacuation of its nationals, official media reported.

Sudan military denies helicopter downed in Kordofan

Sudan`s military on Thursday denied one of its helicopter gunships had been shot down in South Kordofan, after rebels released photographs claiming to show the crippled machine.

Sudan Christian`s lawyers want forgery rap dismissed

Lawyers for a Sudanese Christian woman in hiding at the US embassy in Khartoum sought the dismissal on Sunday of forgery charges against her so she can leave the country.

Heavy fighting in Sudan`s South Kordofan

Sudanese troops and rebels engaged in heavy fighting on Saturday near the South Kordofan state capital Kadugli, both sides said, with rebel shells landing inside the town.

US and Sudan negotiating over Christian convert: Sources

Sudanese authorities and US officials in Khartoum are negotiating to allow a Sudanese woman, who married an American and was recently spared the death penalty for converting to Christianity, to leave Sudan, sources close to the case said.

Freed Christian woman detained trying to leave Sudan

A Sudanese Christian woman was detained at Khartoum airport on Tuesday, one day after an Islamic court annulled her death sentence for apostasy and released her from prison.

Sudan`s death row `apostate` mother unchained: Lawyer

Sudanese jailers removed the chains from a Christian woman, sentenced to death for apostasy, after she gave birth in prison last month, one of her lawyers said today.

41 killed in Sudan clashes over oil-rich land: Tribe

At least 41 people have been killed in clashes between rival Sudanese clans over the ownership of land being explored for oil in West Kordofan state, a tribal source said.

`Apostates` political party denied approval in Sudan

Sudanese authorities have refused to register a political party based on the ideas of a peaceful Muslim activist who was hanged for apostasy, his daughter said on Sunday.

Sudan judge orders Christian woman to hang for apostasy

Khartoum: A Sudanese judge sentenced a heavily pregnant Christian woman to hang for apostasy, a ruling which Britain denounced as "barbaric" and left the United States "deeply disturbed".
Born to a Muslim father, the woman was convicted yesterday under the Islamic sharia law that has been in force in Sudan since 1983 and outlaws conversions on pain of death.