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Court hears horror of Khmer Rouge forced marriages

Cambodia`s UN-backed court on Tuesday heard harrowing new details about the Khmer Rouge`s forced marriages, one of the brutal regime`s less reported atrocities.

Cambodia tribunal charges former Khmer Rouge cadre with genocide

The official, Yim Tith, also faces counts of murder and violating the Geneva Convention for his alleged role in Pol Pot`s government.

Cambodian Cham Muslim recounts Khmer Rouge horrors

 A member of Cambodia`s minority Cham Muslim community Monday recounted the horrors of living under the Khmer Rouge, describing how regime cadres burned Qurans, forced them to eat pork and murdered them en masse.

Khmer Rouge `first lady` Ieng Thirith dies: Cambodia tribunal

 The former "first lady" of Cambodia`s murderous Khmer Rouge regime, Ieng Thirith, died Saturday, according to a UN-backed tribunal which stayed its trial of her in 2012 on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity due to her ill health.

Thailand, Vietnam uncooperative in Khmer Rouge probe, judge says

A top judge at a UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Cambodia on Monday criticised Thailand and Vietnam for refusing to provide evidence in the trials of Khmer Rouge leaders accused of atrocities during the 1970s "killing fields" era.

Thousands mark funeral of top Cambodian politician formerly in Khmer Rouge

Thousands of Cambodians lined the streets of Phnom Penh Friday to mark the lavish funeral of Chea Sim, a former Khmer Rouge official who became a key figure in the country`s ruling political party.

Cambodia marks 40 years since evacuation of Phnom Penh

Tearful survivors Friday marked 40 years to the day since the black-clad Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Penh, ending a civil war but heralding a terror that killed a quarter of Cambodians and turned the capital into a ghost town.

Capital to ghost town: 40 years since Phnom Penh evacuation

 When black-clad Khmer Rouge soldiers first charged into Phnom Penh they were welcomed with cheers, remembers Chhung Kong, a teacher in the Cambodian capital during the seventies.

Cambodia`s self-taught doctors, a Khmer Rouge legacy

When the phone rings, former Khmer Rouge soldier Ken Mon grabs a bag stuffed full of medicine, jumps on his motorbike and heads for an impoverished Cambodian village with the haste of any diligent local doctor.

Siem Reap: 4 temples you shouldn’t miss

Siem Reap is an ancient town and the cultural capital of Cambodia. The city, which is located in the north-west of the country, is considered such a mainstay of their heritage that its Angkor Wat temple is the central theme on the national flag.

Khmer Rouge cadre charged with crimes against humanity

Cambodia`s UN-backed court on Friday charged another former Khmer Rouge member with crimes against humanity, weeks after the country`s leader warned against prosecuting further suspects.

Cambodia unveils memorial at brutal Khmer Rouge prison site

Cambodia unveiled a new memorial at a notorious Khmer Rouge prison Thursday to remember the thousands who were tortured and murdered there during the ruthless regime`s rule in the late 1970s.

Rights groups slam Cambodian PM as he marks 30 years in power

Rights groups have lambasted Cambodian strongman Hun Sen for using "violence, repression and corruption" to keep his grip on power as he marked three decades as prime minister on Wednesday.

Cambodia`s Khmer Rouge court resumes genocide trial

Cambodia`s UN-backed court on Thursday resumed the genocide trial of two ex-Khmer Rouge leaders over the mass murder of ethnic Vietnamese and Muslim minorities, forced marriage and rape in late 1970s.

Khmer Rouge court adjourns genocide trial until next year

Cambodia`s UN-backed court Monday adjourned the genocide trial of two ex-Khmer Rouge leaders until January 2015 after lawyers for one of the defendants continued to boycott proceedings.

Cambodia`s Khmer Rouge leader says conviction a `fairytale`

A former Khmer Rouge leader branded his conviction for crimes against humanity a "child`s fairytale" at a UN-backed court in Cambodia on Friday, as he faced further charges of genocide, forced marriage and rape.

Khmer Rouge leaders lodge appeal of convictions

Two Khmer Rouge leaders have formally appealed convictions for crimes against humanity which saw them handed life sentences by Cambodia`s UN-backed court.

International tribunal in Cambodia jails Khmer Rouge duo for life

A UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Cambodia sentenced the two top surviving cadres of the Khmer Rouge regime to life in jail on Thursday after finding them guilty of crimes against humanity for their roles in the 1970s "killing fields" revolution.

Cambodia moves on, but still yearns for ``killing fields`` justice

Kheang Khun was 21 and training to be doctor when he was forced into a Khmer Rouge labour camp, where he was routinely beaten and forced to watch executions of people accused of theft, or simply of falling in love.

Cambodia remembers Khmer Rouge victims on `Day of Anger`

About 1,000 people Tuesday marked Cambodia`s annual "Day of Anger" against the genocidal former Khmer Rouge regime, with black-clad students wielding hoes and bamboo sticks to mimic their crimes in the late 1970s.