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Pune's first incompatible blood group kidney transplant performed

For the first time in Pune, an incompatible blood group kidney transplant was performed on 9-year-old Girish Thorat, a padiatric patient. The kidney was donated by his maternal grandmother.

Indians had their kidneys removed, police tells Sri Lankan court

Six of the eight Indians arrested here early last month were found to have had their kidneys removed in an alleged organ transplant racket in Sri Lanka, a court was told today.

Singer Natalie Cole, star and daughter of legend, dead at 65

Singer Natalie Cole, the daughter of jazz legend Nat "King" Cole died on New Year`s Eve at a Los Angeles hospital.

Kidneys from brain dead patient transplanted in 2 patients

Organs of a 34-year-old brain dead woman patient have been harvested and transplanted to two patients at the centrally administered JIPMER in coordination with police of neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

Kidney transplant – main reason behind Chhota Rajan's 'surrender' in Bali?

Kidney transplant – main reason behind Chhota Rajan's 'surrender' in Bali?

Chhota Rajan, one of the India's most wanted gangster, was arrested in the tourist town of Bali, Indonesia.

World Athletics Championships: Dafne Schippers scorches Beijing, Aries Merritt misses golden send-off

World Athletics Championships: Dafne Schippers scorches Beijing, Aries Merritt misses golden send-off

Dutch sprinter Dafne Schippers ran into the history books after scorching to world 200m glory on Friday, but there was no golden send-off for Aries Merritt before next week`s kidney transplant.

At three, Anjana becomes Kerala's youngest organ donor

A five-year-old boy was doing well here on Monday after getting the liver and kidneys of a brain dead three-year-old girl, who became Kerala's youngest organ donor.

Protein that drives kidney disease severity

Higher levels of a key protein may put patients at greater risk of contracting severe kidney disease, says a new study.

Bengaluru women swap kidneys, save each other's husband

Two women in Bengaluru gave a new life to each other`s husband by participating in a kidney swap at a Bengaluru hospital.

Indian surgeons remove world's largest kidney weighing 2.75 kgs

The world's largest kidney weighing 2.75 kgs has been removed by Indian surgeons as the person was suffering from Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD).

Docs reconstruct artificial bladder of 17-yr-old before kidney transplant

A 17-year-old boy combating three life-threatening problems is now on the path to recovery thanks to doctors at a private hospital here who reconstructed an artificial bladder before taking him through a kidney transplant.

Over 5 million to undergo dialysis, kidney transplant by 2030: Study

The number of people receiving treatment for advanced kidney failure - such as dialysis or kidney transplant - will double to over five million by 2030, mostly in developing regions such as Asia and Africa, a study said on Saturday.

Woman donates kidney to son despite multiple complications

Overcoming multiple abnormalities in both the donor and the receiver, doctors at a city hospital successfully transplanted the kidney of an African woman into her 20-year-old son, offering him a fresh lease of life.

Red meat rich diet can make your kidney disease even worse

Lay off those beef steaks, as a new study has claimed that high consumption of red meat could make existing kidney disease even worse.

Farooq Abdullah undergoes successful kidney transplant

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah underwent a successful kidney transplant operation in London, family sources said on Monday.

Blood group mismatched kidney transplant performed

A city hospital claims to have performed a rare and successful kidney transplant on a 28-year old youth, who had no donor with the same blood group in his family.

Kerala doctors successfully conduct first multiple transplant surgery

In a medical achievement, Kochi doctors conducted the first successful combined pancreas and kidney transplant in the state and the third in India.

Organ Donation: Does India lack will?

Not everyone is lucky enough to receive an organ donation as it is still considered a taboo in India due to many religious misbeliefs.

Walking may help prolong life of kidney patients

Suffering from kidney diseases? Take up walking at the earliest as researchers have found that walking may help patients with kidney disease prolong life and reduce the risk of needing dialysis or a kidney transplant.

World Kidney Day observed with patients creating awareness

29-year-old Navneet`s life had turned upside down when she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) almost six years ago.