Farooq Abdullah undergoes successful kidney transplant

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah underwent a successful kidney transplant operation in London, family sources said on Monday.

Blood group mismatched kidney transplant performed

A city hospital claims to have performed a rare and successful kidney transplant on a 28-year old youth, who had no donor with the same blood group in his family.

Kerala doctors successfully conduct first multiple transplant surgery

In a medical achievement, Kochi doctors conducted the first successful combined pancreas and kidney transplant in the state and the third in India.

Organ Donation: Does India lack will?

Not everyone is lucky enough to receive an organ donation as it is still considered a taboo in India due to many religious misbeliefs.

Walking may help prolong life of kidney patients

Suffering from kidney diseases? Take up walking at the earliest as researchers have found that walking may help patients with kidney disease prolong life and reduce the risk of needing dialysis or a kidney transplant.

World Kidney Day observed with patients creating awareness

29-year-old Navneet`s life had turned upside down when she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) almost six years ago.

Polio-affected woman donates kidney to granddaughter

A wheelchair-bound grandmother from a village in Punjab`s Sangrur district has donated a kidney to her teenaged granddaughter to save her life, a leading doctor said Thursday.

Infant`s kidneys save woman`s life in UK

Tiny kidneys from a five-week-old baby have been successfully transplanted into a 22-year-old woman of Asian-origin who was dying of renal failure.

New urine test can diagnose and predict kidney transplant rejection

A urine test can now determine whether a transplanted kidney recipient is in the process of rejecting the donated organ, as well as identifying who is at risk of rejection several weeks and even months before symptoms appear.

First kidney transplant from deceased donor in UAE

In a landmark surgery in the UAE, a hospital carried out a kidney transfer and transplant from a deceased donor from Saudi Arabia to a 23-year-old woman patient from Abu Dhabi.

Kidney stones double risk of dialysis

Kindey stones could double the risk of dialysis or kidney transplant later in life for people who have had them, says a study.

HC allow kidneys donation by distant relative

Delhi High Court on Tuesday asked a panel of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital to reverse its earlier decision and allow "forthwith" a distant relative of hers to donate one of her kidneys to save her life.

Hyderabad police busts kidney transplant racket

City police busted a kidney transplant racket by arresting two touts who allegedly connived with a government doctor to sell donors` kidneys to the needy and extracted money from them, police said.

Add kidneys to list of things that can be recycled

It turns out you can recycle just about anything these days — even kidneys and other organs donated for transplants.

Soon, a stem cells jab to beat organ rejection

Scientists have developed a new stem cells injection that helps generating a modified immune system in patients undergoing kidney transplants.

Immune system tricked to accept donor organs: study

Scientists have found a way to trick the immune system into accepting organs from a mismatched, unrelated organ donor.

HIV patients undergo kidney transplant in Bangalore

Two HIV positive patients from East Africa, who were suffering from renal problems, have got a new lease of life after kidney transplantation surgeries at a private hospital in Bangalore.

First ABO-incompatible kidney transplant performed

Known as `ABO incompatible kidney transplantation`, this was the first-ever operation in the country using the novel technique.

No kidney transplant for megastar Rajini

Diehard fans of megastar Rajinikanth have finally got some respite from worrying about their idol’s health ever since the news of his recovery was made public by his son-in-law and National Award winning actor, Dhanush.

Kidney transplant recipients should exercise to live longer

Kidney transplant patients with low physical activity are more likely to die early.