Is Kim Jong-un limping? North Korea state TV footage shows so

In a footage on North Korean State TV, leader Kim Jong Un is seen limping to the stage at a ceremony held to mark the 20th death anniversary of his grandfather Kim Il-sung.

Nelson Mandela compared to N Korea’s Kim Il Sung

South Africa`s Deputy Minister of Police has compared former president Nelson Mandela to deceased North Korean leader Kim Il Sung.

Rocket in position at launch pad in North Korea

North Korea maintains that the launch is a scientific achievement intended to improve the nation`s faltering economy.

North Korea threatens to bury enemies at sea

The statement comes as North Korea is facing mounting international pressure to call off its long-range rocket launch.

North Korea announces plan to launch satellite

North Korea has announced it will launch a long-range rocket mounted with a satellite in honor of late President Kim Il Sung`s April birthday.

North Koreans honour founder`s birth with flags, flowers

April 15 is called "The Day of the Sun" in honour of late Prez Kim Il Sung.