N Korea’s Kim Jong Un gets rock star treatment

North Korea`s young new leader gets
rock star treatment when he visits his troops just as his father did.

Kim Jong Il`s nukes, threats stoked world fears

Kim Jong Il, the mercurial and enigmatic North Korean leader whose iron rule and nuclear ambitions dominated world security fears for more than a decade, has died.

`Kim’s brother under house arrest in Pyongyang`

North Korean leader Kim Jong II`s half-brother is rumoured to be under virtual house arrest.

North Korea`s Kim headed to eastern China: Reports

His visits are seen as means to shore up support for his isolated government.

Kim Jong Il`s son could face ruinous inheritance: Analysts

Current regime is becoming unpredictable as Kim battles health problems.

Propaganda launched for N Korean succession: Report

North Korea has launched a public propaganda campaign to prepare its people for the succession of Kim Jong II`s youngest son as leader, a news report said on Sunday.