King Richard III to be reinterred on March 26

More than 500 years after his death, Richard III, the last Yorkist King of England, will receive an effective state funeral when he is reinterred on March 26 next year at a cost of 2.5 million pounds, it was announced today.

King Richard III was not a hunchback: Study

Despite having a twisted spine, England`s King Richard III was not a hunchback, a new analysis of the medieval king`s skeleton has found.

King Richard III was infected with roundworms

King Richard III`s remains that were rediscovered last year - buried under a car park in northern England - has revealed that the monarch was infected with roundworms.

King Richard III found in `untidy lozenge-shaped grave`

An academic paper on the archaeology of the Search for Richard III reveals for the first time specific details of the grave dug for the last Plantagenet king.

King Richard III `was hastily buried in untidy lozenge-shaped grave`

King Richard III was casually placed in a badly-prepared grave, suggesting that gravediggers were in a hurry to bury him, a new study has revealed.

`King Richard III underwent treatments for curved spine`

The 15th-Century English King Richard III had to bear painful medical treatments for his spinal curvature, according to a new research.

King Richard III `underwent painful treatment for scoliosis`

King Richard III may not have been a hunchback as portrayed by Shakespeare, but he did suffer from the spine-curving condition scoliosis, and may have undergone painful medical treatments to straighten it out, researchers suggest.

Descendants call for King Richard III to be buried in York

The descendants of King Richard III have called for the monarch`s recently discovered remains to be buried in York.

King Richard III has thousands of relatives worldwide

At present there may be up to 200,000 relatives of King Richard III around the world who are unaware they have blue blood in their veins, says a genealogist.

King Richard III may have had a brummie accent: Experts

King Richard III probably had a brummie accent, spoken by natives of Birmingham in England, claim language experts.

Skeleton found in car park confirmed to be of king Richard III`s

DNA tests have confirmed that the skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park last year is that of English king Richard III, who died in the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

Skeleton found in UK car park dig confirmed as English king Richard III

Ending months of speculation, scientists on Monday confirmed that the skeleton found beneath a car park here indeed belongs to 15th-century King Richard III, the most notorious monarch in English history.