Thousands march in Moscow against Kremlin role in Ukraine conflict

Thousands of Russians on Sunday marched through Moscow to protest against the Kremlin`s involvement in the Ukraine crisis, in the country`s first major anti-war rally since fighting erupted in April.

Putin, Merkel stress maintenance of Ukraine ceasefire: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the importance of maintaining the ceasefire in Ukraine in a phone conversation, the Kremlin said in a statement on Monday.

NATO leaders keep up pressure on Russia despite Ukraine hopes
NATO leaders keep up pressure on Russia despite Ukraine hopes

Ukraine on Thursday raised hopes of a ceasefire with pro-Moscow rebels during a NATO summit where Britain and the United States urged the international community to stand up to Russia and counter the threat from Islamic State.

Russia backs ceasefire but not party to agreement: Kremlin

Russian and Ukrainian leaders agreed Wednesday on steps needed for a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, but Moscow cannot be party to any agreement as it is not involved in the conflict, a Kremlin spokesman said.

Russia and NATO square off over Ukraine
Russia and NATO square off over Ukraine

Russia vowed on Tuesday to adopt a beefed up new military doctrine over NATO`s plans to establish a rapid-response team that could ward off the Kremlin`s expansion into Ukraine and feared push further west.

Moscow denies weapon transfer to Ukrainian insurgents

The Kremlin on Sunday said Russia is not sending any military equipment to militia in eastern Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin tones down rhetoric on Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin travelled to a much-hyped meeting in Crimea amid expectations of more saber-rattling over Ukraine, but he instead struck a conciliatory note and called for peace in a speech on Thursday that received surprisingly brief coverage on Russian television.

Disputed Russian convoy approaches southeastern Ukraine

A Russian aid convoy that Kiev fears Moscow could use to help arm pro-Kremlin insurgents moved closer to separatist southeastern Ukraine, a Russian Emergencies Ministry spokesman said.

Russia pulls plug on `last independent TV show`

A programme seen as Russia`s last independent show on mainstream television has been taken off the air amid an upsurge in anti-Western rhetoric, in a move condemned by Kremlin critics.

Disenchanted with Putin, some Russians vote with their feet

Most of Vladimir Paley`s clients want him to dig up their family history with one goal in mind: making a case to obtain foreign citizenship and leave Russia.

Ukraine forces clash with rebels around major airport

Intense battles raged on Friday around the airport in the main stronghold of pro-Kremlin insurgents as Ukraine`s new leader laid out tough terms for a ceasefire demanded by his European allies and Russia.

Kremlin silent as pro-Russian rebels retreat in Ukraine

As a Ukrainian government offensive sends separatists retreating from their strongholds in the country`s restive east, there are signs that Moscow is seeking to distance itself from the pro-Russian rebels.

3 bridges blown up in Ukraine to block rebel city

Three bridges on key roads leading into the Ukrainian city of Donetsk were blown up today -- an apparent attempt to slow down any possible assault by government forces on the rebel-held stronghold.

Retreating rebels dig in around Ukraine coal hub

Retreating pro-Russian insurgents dug on Monday in Ukraine`s sprawling industrial hub of Donetsk after government forces scored a string of morale-boosting victories in the bloody battle for the future of the country.

West to Putin: Prove commitment to Ukraine peace

The Kremlin renounced today the right to send troops into Ukraine and voiced support for a peace plan, but the West said Russia must do much more to stop the fighting in eastern Ukraine if it wants to avoid a new, more crippling round of sanctions.

Russia`s Putin renounces right to send troops to Ukraine: Kremlin

President Vladimir Putin asked Russia`s upper house on Tuesday to revoke the right it had granted him to order a military intervention in Ukraine in defence of Russian-speakers there, the Kremlin said in a statement.

Putin tells Obama `direct talks` in Ukraine should be priority: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Barack Obama discussed today ways to put an end to the Ukraine crisis, with the Kremlin chief stressing the importance of a ceasefire and talks between the warring sides.

Putin orders central Russia forces on `full combat alert`: Defence minister

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops in central Russia on "full combat alert" for snap drills, the defence minister said on Saturday.

Ceasefire in Ukraine sounds more like ultimatum: Kremlin

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko`s announcement on a week-long ceasefire sounds more like an ultimatum to the insurgents in the war-torn country, the Kremlin press service said.

Putin, Obama to discuss Ukraine, Iraq soon: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Barack Obama will discuss the situation in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria "in the coming days," a top aide said on Friday.