Balloon boy drama was concocted by actor-parents, Colorado sheriff says: LA Times

It was a stunt, says Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, and Richard and Mayumi Heene will face felony charges.

In Aspen, it`s the year of the bear: LA Times

Dan Glidden hit the brakes on his Aspen Police Department hybrid SUV. The evidence of wrongdoing was scattered all over the street.

Las Vegas clubs get slapped for bad behavior: LA Times

Authorities crack down on `topless and lewd activity,` excessive drunkenness, prostitution and drugs, holding nightclubs and casinos responsible.

Obama`s Oxy professor learns the President has a long memory: LA Times

The president has a pleasant reunion at the White House with his Occidental College politics professor. And he just can`t quite get over that `B` on a paper.

Super-clinic finds super-need in LA region: LA Times

Remote Area Med Foundation provides free care with volunteer docs and dentists for 1,500 unemployed and poor people daily at an 8-day event at Inglewood`s Forum arena.

Violence at Chino prison dorm hit by race riots: LA Times

The Chino prison, which houses 5,900 inmates, nearly twice its designed capacity, remained on lockdown Monday and visits were suspended at nine.