Daughter of Australian Labor great charged with murder

The daughter of long-serving former Australian state premier Neville Wran was charged with murder over the stabbing death of a small-time drug dealer in Sydney.

Australia`s Labor appoints 11 women to frontbench

Australia`s new Labor chief Bill Shorten on Monday appointed 11 women to his frontbench, including his deputy, describing Prime Minister Tony Abbott`s inclusion of just one as "ridiculous".

Tony Abbott sworn in as Australia PM

Tony Abbott was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Australia on Wednesday after defeating former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Labor party in last month’s elections.

Australia`s Tony Abbott gets to work as Prime Minister-elect

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott on Sunday got "down to business" with a pledge to work for all Australians, a day after disillusioned voters punished the outgoing Premier Kevin Rudd`s Labor Party for its six years of turbulent rule and bitter in-fighting.

No KO punch in first Australian election debate

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott held their first televised debate of the week-old election campaign tonight without either candidate emerging a clear winner.

Australian PM Kevin Rudd`s personal support slumps

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd`s personal support among voters slumped into negative for the first time since he resumed the leadership of ruling Labor Party.

Julia Gillard ousted as Labor leader, Australian PM

Australia`s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was sacked by her party and replaced by Kevin Rudd, the man she ousted three years ago.

Three Australian ministers quit over leadership fiasco

Three Australian ministers quit after a botched leadership coup in which Prime Minister Julia Gillard retained Labor party`s top job, as main rival Kevin Rudd said he would not challenge her again.

Gillard expresses ‘surprise’ over Rudd’s refusal to challenge her in leadership poll

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has conceded she was ‘surprised’ after Kevin Rudd chose not to contest against her in leadership ballot.

Australian PM Julia Gillard wins Labor Party`s leadership vote

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard survived the leadership vote of the Labor Party after no challengers emerged to vie for the leadership of the governing party.

Australia`s Labor party heading for election defeat: Polls

Australia`s ruling Labor party is heading for a huge defeat in the upcoming elections in September and Prime Minister Julia Gillard`s popularity is on the wane, according to new national polls.

Norway killer hunted for top politicians: Report

Anders Behring Breivik aimed at killing former Norwegian prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Israel`s defence minister quits Labor Party

The move did not immediately threaten Israeli PM`s parliamentary majority.

Israeli coalition under threat over peace talks deadlock

Labor Party threatened to pull out of govt in 2 months if talks didnt start.

Liberal party races ahead of ruling Labor in Australian polls

The Liberal party of Tony
Abott raced ahead of the ruling Labor party after its
candidate Ken Wyatt today became the first Indigenous person
to be elected to the Australian parliament.

Exit polls give Australia PM slim election lead

The vote has ended in eastern Australia but is still underway in some states.

David Miliband`s dinner party guide ridiculed

David Miliband is considered to be the front-runner to lead UK`s Labor Party.