China`s smuggling kingpin gets jail for life

The court found Lai formed a smuggling ring by establishing firms and bases in Hong Kong and Xiamen city since 1991.

China`s top `smuggler` goes on trial

Lai Changxing, the alleged kingpin
of China`s notorious smuggling ring, went on trial for
smuggling and bribery at the Intermediate People`s Court of

‘Most-wanted Chinese smuggler admits crimes’

A smuggler deported from Canada,
known as China`s most-wanted fugitive, has been indicted after he "confessed" to bribery and smuggling goods.

China`s top smuggler repatriated from Canada to face trial

Lai Changxing has arrived in Beijing after being deported from Canada.

Canadian court rules to deport Chinese fugitive

China earlier promised not to sentence Lai Changxing to death if he is tried and found guilty.

Chinese fugitive in Canada to remain in custody

Lai Changxing is accused of running a multibillion-dollar smuggling operation in China in the 1990s.