`Computer game babe` Lara Croft`s back with a bang

A new version of classic computer game babe Lara Croft`s latest adventure is set to be launched on "next gen" consoles.

Lara Croft and Jack Sparrow voted perfect companions for Valentine’s Day

Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft has been voted as the movie character most men would like to take out on a date this Valentine’s Day.

Kangana: The Desi Lara Croft!

After her numerous roles as disturbed, slightly psychotic, a bit neurotic characters, the Bollywood belle Kangana Ranaut is now all set to remodel herself.

Olivia Wilde will not play Lara Croft

Actress Olivia Wilde, who was recently in talks to take over from Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie as the new `Lara Croft` will not play the title role in the forthcoming `Tomb Raider` reboot.

‘Jolie looked better as Lara Croft’, says Alison Carroll

Angelina Jolie’s increasingly slender appearance has now made Alison Carroll— the official model for the Lara Croft video game character portrayed by Jolie in two Hollywood films—to express her concern over the actress’ weight.