Slow-moving lava hits first house in Hawaii town

A stream of lava set a home on fire in a rural Hawaii town that has been watching the slow-moving flow for months.

Lava stalls short of Hawaii town's main road

Lava that has been creeping toward a small town on the Big Island has stalled just before reaching the town's main road, officials said.

Lava from Hawaii volcano crosses onto residential property

A menacing stream of lava that has been burning grass and overrunning a cemetery on its path toward a village on Hawaii`s Big Island has crossed onto a residential property where it threatened to consume its first home, officials said on Tuesday.

Lava flow from Hawaii volcano just 70 yards from nearest residence

 Lava flow from the Kilauea volcano that has been creeping toward inhabited areas of Hawaii`s Big Island for months is now just 70 yards (meters) from the nearest residential property, authorities said on Monday. 

Fresh lava spews out of Philippine volcano

Lava is again flowing out of Mayon, the Philippines' most active volcano, raising fears an eruption could be imminent, authorities said today.

Fresh lava spews out of Philippine volcano, stoking eruption fears

Lava is again flowing out of Mayon, the Philippines` most active volcano, raising fears an eruption could be imminent, authorities said Sunday.

Lava in Hawaii flows 800 feet a day toward homes

Rural Hawaii residents are keeping a nervous eye on a lava flow that is moving 800 feet a day toward their community.

Iceland: Volcanic eruption blast lava high in the air

Volcanic eruption in southeast Iceland fountained lava nearly 200 feet into the air.

Moon pits can protect astronauts from radiation, dust

For astronauts exploring the lunar surface, there are some habitable places where they can hide to rescue themselves from radiation, micrometeorites, dust and wild day-night temperature swings.

Ancient volcanic explosions could reveal how Mercury came to be

Researchers have discovered that the surface of Mercury is crackled with volcanic explosions for extended periods of the planet`s history.

Volcano spews more hot ash, lava in east Indonesia

A volcano spewed more hot ash and lava on a tiny Indonesian island today after causing six deaths over the weekend.

New images reveal lava flows on Mars

Newly released images from ESA’s Mars Express orbiter show lava flows on the planet.

Lava launches unbreakable phone handset A16

Handset manufacturer Lava mobiles Thursday launched its unbreakable series phone A16 which can withstand an impact of 120 kg and is priced in the range of Rs.4, 000-5,000.

Mars’ largest riverbeds formed by lava, not water

The largest ancient riverbeds on Mars were created not by water, but by massive, fast-moving, low-viscosity lava flows.

‘Mars had been bone dry for billions of years’

A scientist claims that Mars` spectacular grand canyons were carved by slippery, low-viscosity lavas.

Ancient Martian riverbed

A new American research has revealed that an ancient ‘riverbed’ in Mars was not made by the flow of water but was carved by molten lava.

Lava made river-like channel on Mars?

In what could influence the likelihood of finding life on Mars, astronomers have claimed that flowing lava could have possibly made river-like channels
on the Red Planet.

More Filipinos leave homes as volcano spills lava

Security forces in army trucks Friday sent about 3,000 residents outside the danger zone surrounding the smoldering Mayon volcano, which looked set for a major eruption after days of shooting ash plumes and spilling lava.

Thousands flee as Philippine volcano spews lava

: Tens of thousands of villagers in the Philippines fled their homes on Tuesday as one of the nation`s most active volcanoes spewed lava and sent ash plumes high into the sky, authorities said.