Lawsuit against Modi will not have any impact on Indo-US talks

The lawsuit filed against Prime Minister Narendra Modi by a human rights group here would have no impact on "his very important visit" to Washington to meet US President Barack Obama, the White House said Friday.

China orders children to visit their parents or face lawsuits

China has passed a law that requires adult children to visit their elderly parents or risk facing lawsuit.

RIM, Dolby ink licensing deal; lawsuits dropped

Dolby Laboratories said on Monday it has withdrawn its patent infringement lawsuit against RIM.

Black Eyed Peas in legal soup

BEP has been slapped with two separate copyright infringement lawsuits.

Lady Gaga, producer withdraw dueling NY lawsuits

They may have had a bad romance, but now there`s a cordial professional split between Lady Gaga and a music producer who said she ditched him as both a collaborator and a boyfriend after he helped launch her career.

Lawsuits over proposed Bruce Willis film dismissed

Court records show dueling lawsuits between Bruce Willis and three film companies over a failed film project have been dismissed.