Have a long weekend that just lasts for a second extra

A leap second will be introduced to the UTC to the world`s atomic clocks between 7.59.59 am and 8.00.00am (Hong Kong time) on July 1, 2012.

June 30 to be longer than other days by 1 second

The last minute of June 30, 2012 is destined to be 61 seconds long, as timekeepers will add a “leap second” to compensate for the wibbly-wobbly movements of our world.

Decision on ‘leap second’ pushed back till 2015

An international body has decided to postpone adding an extra second - called the ‘leap’ second.

`Leap second` under the gun at Geneva time talks

Without the leap second, hi-tech clocks would race ahead of solar time, leading to an error of 15 s every 100 years.