Syrian air strike kills 10 rebels near Lebanon border

The Syrian air force raided a rebel position near a border crossing between Syria and Lebanon Monday, killing 10 and injuring 15 others, a media report said.

Syria helicopters carry out raids on Lebanon border

Syrian military helicopters launched three raids on areas inside Lebanon near the border town of Arsal on Wednesday morning, witnesses and Lebanon`s official news agency said.

Israeli soldier killed in firing at Lebanon border: Report

An Israeli soldier was killed on Sunday after being shot at the Lebanon border, Israeli officials said.

Syrian rebels killed on Lebanon border

Dozens of fighters of the rebel Free Syrian Army have been killed in an operation by Syrian government forces.

Syrian troops close in on Lebanon border

The latest violence in Kseir has forced "hundreds" of people to flee over the border into Lebanon.

Syria bloodshed spills over into Lebanon, four killed

The shooting comes as hundreds of Syrians flee violence in their homeland.

Israel pullout stirs fear in Lebanon border hamlet

Israeli officials said the village would not be divided after the withdrawal.