Cameron `unreasonable` on EU immigration says Lech Walesa

Lech Walesa, Poland`s anti-communist icon, on Friday accused British Prime Minister David Cameron of being "unreasonable and shortsighted" in tightening benefit rules for migrants from eastern EU states.

Gays have no right to a prominent role in politics

Lech Walesa, the Polish democracy icon and Nobel peace prize winner, has sparked outrage in Poland by saying that gays have no right to a prominent role in politics.

Romney to visit Poland WWII site, meet Lech Walesa

Romney heads to Poland where he will visit the site of the first shots fired in World War II and pay tribute to the country`s anti-communist movement.

Former Polish president Lech Walesa hospitalised

Lech Walesa underwent a heart bypass operation in the United States three years ago.

Nobel committee cool to Walesa offer

The Nobel committee was cool to an offer by former Solidarity leader Lech Walesa to pick up the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of Liu Xiaobo.