S Korean Prez apologises for surge in sex crimes

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak offered a public apology after a girl, 7, became the latest victim of a recent series of sex crimes.

`No evidence Japan Army forced S Korean sex slaves`

South Korean President Lee Myung Bak had demanded Japan to apologise to the forced sex workers, now often described as ‘sex slaves’ by media.

South Korean President apologizes for scandals

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak offered a public apology Tuesday for a series of corruption scandals implicating his brother and former aides.

South Korea, Japan delay signing of military pact

The General Security of Military Information Agreement would have allowed Japan and South Korea to exchange military intelligence on North Korea.

South Korea starts building two Nuclear reactors

South Korea started construction work on two nuclear reactors in what President Lee Myung-bak described as a "big milestone" in the country`s atomic industry.

S Korea suspects North jamming flight signals

South Korean officials were quoted as telling reporters that over 250 flights in and out of the country have experienced GPS signal jamming since the weekend, with North Korea being high on the list of suspects.

South Korea conservatives win parliamentary poll

Tthe pro-business New Frontier or Saenuri Party got a wafer-thin majority of 152 seats in the 300-strong Assembly.

`N-summit aims for World without nuclear weapons`

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said that the purpose of the summit ultimately lies in making world without nuclear weapons.

N Korea threatens to attack S Korea over drills

North Korea will launch "merciless" strikes if South Korea goes through with planned live-fire drills near their disputed sea border.

South Korean President to visit China

Seoul hopes that the visit will deepen ties as the two nations mark the 20th
anniversary of diplomatic relations.

South Korea says `new era` possible for Koreas

Though North has left open the possibility of better ties with the South, it hasn`t tempered its antagonism toward Lee.

NKorea media dubs young Kim `outstanding leader`

The handover of power in North Korea to Kim Jong Il`s young son appeared to be going smoothly, with official media calling him the "outstanding leader".

S Korean Prez arrives on US state visit

South Korean President Lee
Myung-bak has arrived for a state visit expected to coincide
with congressional approval of a US-South Korea trade pact.

North Korea says Seoul plotting to destroy it

Lee Myung-Bak has
stressed the need to prepare for reunification of the Korean

South Korean Prez calls for cooperation with North

South Korea and North Korea try to set aside decades of animosity and pursue dialogue.

S. Korean president to attend 2018 Olympics vote

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak will travel to South Africa next month to support Pyeongchang`s bid to host the 2018 winter Olympics

South Korean President starts Europe trip

Lee Myung-Bak departed for a week-long visit to Germany, Denmark and France.

South Korea`s Prez says North not sincere on talks

South Korea`s Prez wants North to apologise for 2 border incidents in 2010.

South Korea`s Prez slammed as weak on North Korea

Lee Myung-bak was called "The Bulldozer" when he assumed office in 2008.

Obama calls S Korea’s Prez, commits US support

US President Barack Obama spoke to his South Korean counterpart Lee Myung-bak, renewing Washington`s "unshakeable support" for the country in the wake
of a North Korean missile attack that killed two marines.